Home Buyers Beware ! Is that New Home Located Near a New Jersey " Known Contaminated Site ?

Any home within 1000 feet of a site listed on the State of New Jersey's Known Contaminated List should have soil and ground testing completed prior to closing to prevent health issues and later environmental problems.
SEA GIRT, N.J. - Aug. 29, 2014 - PRLog -- That new home may look pretty, but ground water contamination from a nearby dry cleaners, gas station or commercial property may cause the site to have environmental problems that include contaimated soils, ground water or vapor intrusion issues. Contaminated ground water plumes may travel miles.  Environmental problems may not be visible to naked eye. Soil and ground water samples will let the home buyer know if contamination has impacted that property listed for sale. Contamination from leaking gasoline tanks and dry cleaners can take years to remediate. Contaminated  ground water can cause Vapor Intrusion Problems within a srtructure that can cause serious health problems. Both the New Jersey Department of Health and New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has developed Vapor intrusion Protocols for testing homes and providing standards by which to monitor this potional hazardous situation. Vapor intrusion contamination can be odor less and seeps into crawl spaces and basement through small opening foundation. Most home builders do not complete the proper prepuchase environetental testing to protect their buyer's. Vapor intrusion in homes can be linked to allergies, children developmental and learning dissabilities and respiratory problems. Discovery of these issues later may prenvent the buyer from selling this property in the future as all Vapor Intrusion Cases are listed with the NJDEP if concentration exceed the state of New Jersey guidelines.

Environmental Systems is full service licensed company that provides Environmental testing, Vapor Intrustion Testing, Site remediation, Oil Tank Sweeps and removal services.

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