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Eleonora de Gray – Owner / Publisher / Editor-in-Chief of RUNWAY FRANCE magazine known on international market for producing High Fashion Luxury Magazine since 2011 decided to change the brand to PODIUM MAGAZINE.
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Runway Magazine France - our magazine
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Aug. 28, 2014 - PRLog -- PART 2

In 2014 Eleonora de Gray decided to stop all partnership with owner of RUNWAY MAGAZINE James Buccelli after discovering many unsolved legal issues between him and owner of trademark RUNWAY Vincent Mazzotta (pseudonym Vincent Midnight, company Runway Beauty), criminal records, and organized illegal behavior like selling license of the trademark James Buccelli didn't own at that time to company in Peru etc. Additionally except buzz in social medias James Buccelli never had any magazine in production or organized company. Calling himself “self-made millionaire” or “oil-tycoon” or “agricultural magnate” doesn't help James Buccelli to save his reputation or to continue scheme called “RUNWAY MAGAZINE”. Multiple lawsuits against him in LA Federal court for not paying bills to companies / people who worked for him make him run from one hotel to another hunted by police. The main activities of James Buccelli is to engage people in social medias to participate in promoting of his name. Reason for that is to engage not professional advertisers or not experienced investors to participate financially in his company.

After several discussions our team made a decision – to see possibilities of business partnership with owner of RUNWAY – Vincent Mazzotta and his company. No matter how legal at first company of Vincent Mazzotta looked we noticed the same patterns like his formal opponent James Buccelli. Stealing of our copyrighted materials (images / layout pieces published on facebook which you can still see on his web-site http://runwayfrance.com), ignorance to our letters to remove our copyrighted materials from his web-site or his app on googleplay and itunes are just top of the iceberg. Message on this web-site : “Eleonora DaGrey has been dismissed from RUNWAY's French division due to gross negligence in her contract. Eleonora is not authorized to act in behalf of RUWNAY in anyway. She has no legal rights of the name use. Anyone acting with her to commit Trademark fraud will be prosecuted in the full extent of WIPO law. ” - has absolutely no any legal ground or any realistic value, and it simply a scheme. As owner of trademarks RUNWAY FRANCE / RUNWAY MAGAZINE FRANCE Eleonora de Gray doesn't need any authorization from anyone on use of the names she owns, and obviously she has all legal rights for it. And of course there's simple answer to the question who's actually commits trademark fraud and scheme against Runway France and Eleonora de Gray.

Legal complications between owner of RUNWAY MAGAZINE trademark James Buccelli and owner of RUNWAY trademark Vincent Mazzotta created large place in social medias for all kind of scheme, all kind of misuse of the name RUNWAY by different companies and individuals, and specifically RUNWAY FRANCE. We still can see individuals with self-made RUNWAY MAGAZINE / RUNWAY badges in Paris and Milan during fashion weeks who try to “squeeze” in by using our name or name of Eleonora de Gray at the entrance on the security and PR preventatives. And where's actually real product – THE magazine? No one knows. The only magazine we know in production for several years now in USA is little 100 pages magazine with random runways and non-linked articles for 3$ produced by Vincent Mazzotta and distributed somewhere at the airports in LA and Arizona.

When Eleonora de Gray tried to find any possibilities for business partnership with Vincent Mazzotta and his partners, all proposals for different business models were refused for various ridiculous reasons. Vincent Mazzotta and his business partners insisted to psychosis to sign any kind of contract with them, assuring in any possible way – that they are here to invest, legally protect our company. “Happily ever after” happened like in very twisted fairytale.

When the conditions of business partnership was not settled and “potential partners / investors” was insisting to have any contract with us, and reassuring us in future great collaboration, the wisest decision was to sign temporary contract for 3 months and continue discussion. No one knew that this temporary contract will be used like some sort of game-plan against our company and Eleonora de Gray - to take her goodwill and our place in the market.

After this contract was signed Vincent Mazzotta and his partners disappear, giving all further communication to their “partner” in Europe Milivoje Batista de Oliveira from Zurich Switzerland. But there was no any communication. No single mail or phone call was answered. Instead communication with him took very peculiar twist with our team, including persuasion to work for him instead of Eleonora for higher payment and do magazine with him. What magazine, if we may ask?

Well... the temporary contract which was signed only to continue negotiation has no legal value if communication abrupt without any explanation or communication. And Eleonora de Gray was very much entitled to disregard it being an owner of her own trademark. Who knew? Well.... international lawyers do.

In mean while Eleonora de Gray started to receive phone calls from her colleges in press offices in Paris and different individuals in fashion who were very surprised to receive phone calls from person who called himself “Editor-in-Chief of Runway France” or “Editor-in-Chief of Runway French edition” Milivoje Batista de Oliveira who said to them that Eleonora de Gray is fired and no longer work for Runway (well.... she never actually was – she owns it in France). And now he's new Editor-in-Chief.

Who this person really is? Milivoje Batista de Oliveira is an owner of Vodka production company in Zurich, which he started in 2013, and extremely desperate to get in European market his product, by going from party to party in Zurich, Monaco and Paris with his vodka in his hands and taking pictures which are all in display on facebook. LDV 1888, UNITED BRANDS OF SWITZERLAND (http://www.ldv1888.com) – the real name of the company. What's the purpose to call company in all possible fashion: LDV1888 (so it might sound like old... like it was founded in 1888), or RUNWAY MEDIA NETWORK EUROPE, or RUNWAY FRANCE, or RUNWAY EUROPE? The answer is obvious - another scheme.

We congratulate him like all others mentioned in this press-relies for great achievements, and by this greeting to each and every of them we are turning new page in our venture. With what name they are going to stay, or what production they are going to use in their new schemes – none of our concern. We don't want to be associated with any of them. That is why we are changing our name.

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