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NEW YORK - Aug. 27, 2014 - PRLog -- The Storybook Illustrated Guides are part of a project that is currently unique on the market. MD/PhD Brian Wu came with the revolutionary idea of writing a series of children’s books that would raise awareness of some serious health conditions that some kids suffer from. Thus, children get to learn about these disorders and how to treat them by reading stories about characters their age who find out they are suffering from a health problem and learn how to control it. The author explains all the medical concepts in accessible terms, and even offers a glossary at the end of the book so that parents would use it to help their children understand more difficult concepts.

‘Joe vs. the CE-Monster’ is the third book in the series, and it deals with celiac disease. When the story begins, Joe is at summer camp. He is constantly complaining about a severe stomach-ache, but his mother tells him the cause might be his nerves and excitement. People around him keep ignoring his situation until it becomes obvious that something’s not right with Joe’s health, and they take him to the doctor. The story makes a great point here, because it shows how sometimes parents ignore symptoms thinking that their children are perfectly healthy. Joe finds out that he is suffering from celiac disease and that he isn’t allowed to eat foods that contain flour. This is too bad, because he loves macaroni and chocolate chips. In his child’s mind, celiac disease becomes a monster he must battle every day, but this changes when his doctor tells him more about his condition and teaches him how to control it and live with it. Things get better when he realizes that there are gluten-free products which can easily replace some of his favorite foods.

The fourth book in the Storybook Illustrated Guides is ‘The Zoo Flu Frenzy’. This fun story has received rave reviews on Amazon, with one reviewer saying: ‘This book had everything and more than I ever wanted to know when it came to learning about influenza myself, and for teaching my child about it. I loved that the book opened with what the caregivers should know about caring for someone that has influenza.’

Just like all the other books in the series, ‘The Zoo Flu Frenzy’ is divided into three sections. The first one offers some general information about the health condition, with tips for parents and caregivers. The second one contains the story itself, and the third one is a list of online resources that parents and children can use to find out more about influenza. Thus, the book becomes much more than a fun, educational story for children. It is a guide that parents can use to make sure they treat their kids well when they catch the flu.

Daniel and Paul are two friends who like to spend all their time together. When Daniel gets the flu, Paul doesn’t understand why he must stay away from him. This fictional situation offers a great opportunity to teach children that the flu is a very contagious disease, and this is why they are not allowed to be around other kids when they have it. Then, another amazing thing is that the author gives a lot of details about Daniel’s visit at the doctor, thus showing children that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Brian Wu’s books are available for purchase on Amazon.

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