Trainer Anthony Fitness Systems Offers 21 Day Back To School Detox

It's time to get back on the "Bus" with your health and fitness.
ROSWELL, Ga. - Aug. 25, 2014 - PRLog -- Anthony Gugliotta (Trainer Anthony Fitness Systems) has partnered with Justin and Janelle Yule (Fitness Revolution) to re-launch the 21 Day Back To School Detox Challenge.

While the average weight loss per participant is 7 pounds (In as little as 7 days) with several people losing twice that in only a few weeks, the results go far beyond losing inches and dropping jean sizes…

Better Sleep
Eliminated Hot Flashes
Got Off Medication
Decreased/Eliminated Chronic Pain
Better Digestion
Flatter Belly
Reduced Acne
Improved Relationships With Food (Less Cravings)
Enhanced My Relationship With My Spouse
Never Hungry
More Energy
Had Fun Trying New Recipes
Pants Fell Off
People Notice More Happiness
Kids Go It Into It And Want To Eat Healthy Now!!!!!

If you’d like to get results like those and feel better than ever, you're going to want to join us in the Back-to-School 21-Day Detox Challenge.

The 21-Day Detox is NOT a weird diet plan nor does it require any special supplements or shakes. You are taught how to use food as fuel and how eliminating certain foods for stretches of time can relieve your body of many harmful toxins.

You can learn more by clicking HERE.

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