EnviroFry Offers 10 Ways To Solve Home and Workplace Mould Problems Everywhere in the World

Mould consultant Phillip Fry explains the ten methods used by EnviroFry to find and get rid of mould in any residence, commercial building, or public building anywhere in the world.
High Output Ozone Generator Kills Toxic Mold
High Output Ozone Generator Kills Toxic Mold
LANSING, Mich. - Aug. 24, 2014 - PRLog -- ”EnviroFry can find and get rid of toxic mould growth visible or hidden in any residence, workplace, and commercial or public building anywhere in the world,” announced EnviroFry co-owner and mold consultant Phillip Fry, who is a Certified Environmental Hygienist and Professional Industrial Hygienist.

”Because dangerous toxic mould growth exists in most houses and business buildings in every city, town, county, state or province, and nation of the world, EnviroFry has made its firm and total commitment to help property owners, managers, and tenants no matter where they are located,” added Mr. Fry in announcing EnviroFry’s ten strategies to solve toxic mould problems everywhere.

EnviroFry’s ten proven ways to help mold victims no matter where they live and work include:

(1) Global websites that have hundreds of pages of free, in depth information and help about mould health and do-it-yourself and professional strategies for effective and safe mould inspection, testing, removal, and prevention, including www.moldinspector.com, with over 300 pages of mould content and online since 1999.

Other mould education websites include www.buildingmoldinspection.com, www.moldexpertconsultants.com, www.airconditionermold.com, www.workplacemold.com, www.mold.ph, and www.floodmold.com.

(2) Read mould expert Phillip Fry’s five, inexpensive mould advice ebooks (delivered to buyers worldwide as email attachments) Mold Health Guide; Mold Monsters; Do It Best Yourself Mold Inspection, Testing, Remediation, and Prevention; Mold Legal Guide; and Mold Home Remedy Recipes, all of which are available at www.moldmart.net.

(3) Unlimited expert mould advice by phone and email for 30 days for only US$99 to enable mould victims to find and fix mould problems. For details, email phil@moldinspector.com.

(4) Professional, affordable mould expert evaluation of mould pictures and do-it-yourself mould test results to submit to a landlord, employer, real estate seller, or other party to whom a mold victim needs to prove the mold status of a home or other building.

(5) In person mould inspection, testing, remediation, and prevention of homes and other buildings anywhere in the world by mould experts Phillip and Divine Fry, who travel worldwide to help property owners, managers, and tenants.

(6) Do-it-yourself mould testing with mould lab analysis for mould species identification and quantification by EnviroFry’s USA mould laboratory, using the inexpensive Scotch tape lift tape sampling and/or submission of actual physical samples of mould growth on building materials. For details, visit http://www.moldexpertconsultants.com/diy_mold_testing.htm.

(7) Free explanation of the ten proven steps for mould removal and remediation is available at www.moldinspector.com/mold_removal.htm.

(8) psuir Enzyme disinfectant to spray or everywhere in homes and commercial or public buildings to kill mould and bacteria. EnviroFry can mail liquid, ready-to-use, non-toxic enzyme disinfectant in plastic spray bottles anywhere in the world that has postal delivery. For details on enzyme disinfectant, as well as boric acid powder (which is an effective mould remover and mold preventative), visit www.moldmart.net.

(9) High output ozone generator (contractor model with 220 volt electric supply that produces 40,000 mg. of ozone per hour) to kill airborne mould spores, mould growth, bacteria, and odors in homes and workplaces worldwide. For details, visit www.ozonegeneratorkillsmold.com.

(10) Online distance training and certification anywhere in the world to be a Certified Environmental Hygienist, Professional Industrial Hygienist, Certified Mould Inspector, and/or Certified Mould Remediator. For details, visit www.ecology-college.com.

For more information on EnviroFry’s worldwide mould and environmental services, email Phillip Fry phil@moldinspector.com, or phone USA 1-810-639-0523 or 1-480-310-7970, or visit www.moldexpertconsultants.com.


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