Little Hands Food Pouch Company Introduces Reusable Food Pouches to the Baby Market

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Aug. 21, 2014 - PRLog -- The Little Hands Food Pouch Company introduced its latest innovation, a reusable baby food pouch on Thursday, Aug. 21, 2014.

The little hands reusable food pouch can hold pureed (liquid) food, and therefore, it is very useful for parents to feed their little children without any hassle. Toddlers and small children used to have different eating habits. Instead of ‘sit-and-eat’ method, they prefer eating while playing, which sometimes worry parents about their food intake. The food pouch can be an effective solution to this problem as you fill in fruits, veggie or any pureed food into the pouch and give it to your child. Its small size and bright color attract your kid, and resolve your problem.

“The Little Hands Reusable Food Pouch is perfect for babies 6 months and up,” said Little Hands Food Pouch owner Krystle Smith.  “With the easy to fill zipper top and side spout, this little pouch makes getting children to eat their fruits and vegetables easier than ever.  Children love the bright orange color of the Little Hands food pouch and parents love that it can be filled, eaten from, washed, and refilled again and again.”

The double Ziploc top prevents children from being able to open the pouch and also makes the pouch a great storage container for premade pureed snacks or meals since the pouch does not leak.  It can hold up to 6oz of pureed food such as applesauce, homemade baby food or yogurts which is perfect for meals and snacks for both younger and older children.

“My daughter who is now one year old is very independent and does not like it when I try to help her.  When it comes to eating with a spoon, she sometimes has a hard time getting the pureed food in her mouth without spilling it down her dress,” said Smith.  “The Little Hands Food Pouch has been a lifesaver. My daughter has no problems feeding herself with the food pouch, and it is definitely less mess for me to clean up.”

Little Hands reusable food pouches are available on and on Amazon at
A pack of four retails from $16.99 and does include free shipping.

About Little hands Food

Krystle Smith and her two beautiful children Ethan and Adrianna Martin have created the Little Hands Reusable Food Pouch. She aims to help busy parents, especially moms who really have a hard time feeding children. For more detail, please contact: Krystle Smith at or visit

Krystle Smith