5 Minute Dharma Celebrates 100 Episodes

5 Minute Dharma celebrates 100 episodes of its short and practical episodes of Buddhist teachings.
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Aug. 21, 2014 - PRLog -- 5 Minute Dharma is realeasing its 100th episode August 22, 2014.

5 Minute Dharma has a total of 189,604 total downloads of its 99 episodes. This was according to Blubrry stats, one of the most most accurate statistics services in the industry.

5 Minute Dharma is also active in social media with 1,260 Twitter followers, 216 Facebook likes, 234 Google Plus followers, and 64 followers on Pinterest.

The 5 Minute Dharma podcast launched on December 3, 2012 and has seen tremendous growth. With over 65,000 total downloads in 2013, 5 Minute Dharma was one of the fastest growing Buddhist podcasts of 2013. It looks like that trend has continued in 2014.

5 Minute Dharma is designed to be a simple, non-scholarly introduction to Buddhism. Therefore technical words are kept to a minimum, and when they are used they are explained in everyday English. This goal of keeping it simple matches the goal of keeping it practical.

5 Minute Dharma is available not only on computers, but also on tablets, smart phones, and Internet TV. You can find it in almost every directory, including iTunes, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Blubrry, Miro, and YouTube.

Dr. Jay N. Forrest is the host and producer of the popular 5 Minute Dharma podcast. He is a Meditation Teacher and Buddhist Practitioner who has studied Buddhism for over 14 years. He has been trained in both Zen and Vipassana meditation practices. Before becoming a Buddhist, Jay was an ordained Christian Pastor with over 25 years of ministry experience, pastoring churches in Wisconsin, Missouri, Tennessee, Arizon, and New Mexico. He was educated in the Bible and Christian ministry, eventually earning Doctorate of Ministry.

In the last 100 episodes we have covered a number of topics, including I Am Your Guru 100, Center and Anchor 99, Sexual Misconduct 98, Alcohol and Addiction 97, Thoughts Create Feelings 96, Buddhist Marriage 95, Let Go to Meditate 94, Independence to Interdependence 93, Two Ways of Relating 92, Growing Old Gracefully 91, Here and Now 90, Podcast Returning 89, Podcast Ending 88, Accepting Responsibility 87, Buddhism As Psychology 086, The Hindrance of Doubt 85, The Art of Listening 84, Liberation Not Happiness 83, How to Be Happy 82, Save Yourself 81, Walking Meditation 80, Proving Buddhism 79, Practicing to Perform 78, Befriending Yourself 77, The Four Wishes 76, Loving-Kindness Meditation 75, Why I Chose Buddhism 74, The Mindful Revolution 73, Original Goodness 72, Food As Medicine 71, Mindful Eating 70, Resistance to Meditating 69, Dealing with Difficult People 68, The Benefits of Being Alone 67, Gift Giving 66, Living the Dharma 65, An Attitude of Gratitude 64, Responding to Stress 63, The Freedom of Simplicity 62, The Way of Nonviolence 61, Education or Entertainment? 60, Ignorance and Apathy 59, Just 3 Breaths 58, What is Right View? 57, Spiritual Growth 56, Accepting Yourself 55, Dealing With Pain 54, Do Not Judge 53, Buddhist Parenting 52, There is No Self 51, The Perils of Lay Practice 50, The Solitary Buddhist 49, Love and Marriage 48, The Law of Karma 47, What is Right Livelihood? 46, Embrace Your Suffering 45, Positive Right Action 44, Homosexuality and Buddhism 43, Death and Dying 42, Vesak or Buddha Day 41, The Five Precepts 40, What is Right Speech? 39, Creating a Home Altar 38, Don’t Convert People 37, In Praise of Agnosticism 36, The Three Poisons 35, Why Be a Vegetarian 34, All Relationships are Impermanent 33, The Problem of Unlearning 32, The Hindrance of Aversion 31, The Hindrance of Sense Desire 30, What Are Zen Koans? 29, An Introduction to Zen Buddhism 28, What is Engaged Buddhism? 27, Buddhism and Politics 26, Reading the Buddhist Sutras 25, How to Become a Buddhist 24, The Three Jewels 23, The Confusion of Many Paths 22, Two Kinds of Buddhist Meditation 21, Meditating While You Drive 20, Dealing With Criticism 19, Letting Go of God 18, Training in Ethical Conduct 17, The Eightfold Noble Path 16, The Four Noble Truths 15, The Conceptual Mind Trap 14, Who is the Dalai Lama? 13, Learning to Totally Relax 12, The Buddha Dharma Mantra 11, An Introduction to Buddhist Prayer 10, Living in the Present Moment 9, Who Was the Buddha? 8, Not Thinking is Not the Goal 7, Celebrating Christmas as a Buddhist 6, Dealing with the Wandering Mind 5, Simple Meditation Instructions 4, What is Mindfulness? 3, Why Should You Meditate? 2, What is Buddhism? 1.

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