iCloud Removal Service- how to bypass the iCloud activation screen on iOS 7 on an iPhone 5/5S/5C or iPad

You may not remember the iCloud username and password you set up on your iPhone 5S or iPad, or perhaps purchased an iPhone 5 or iPad with an iOS 7 Activation Lock- how do you bypass iCloud lock and permanently remove iCloud details on your iPhone or iPad ?
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LOS ANGELES - Aug. 18, 2014 - PRLog -- What is the iCloud lock, also known as iOS 7 Activation Lock ?

iOS 7, the seventh major release of Appleā€™s iOS mobile operating system for iPhones, iPod Touch and iPads, was released on September 18, 2013 and introduced a slew of new features and improvements over iOS 6.

iOS 7 introduced Find My iPhone and iOS 7 Activation Lock (iCloud lock) , giving iDevice owners a choice to link an iCloud account to a newly setup iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad running iOS 7. Then, if a user loses their iPhone or other iDevice, they can remotely wipe the device, requiring the iCloud username and password to be entered to use the iPhone.

The iOS Activation Screen and iCloud lock was implemented by Apple as an extra step to deter thieves from stealing iPhones and iPods, as they'd just be stealing bricks.

iOS 7 and iOS Activation Lock supports the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S,5C, iPod Touch (Fifth Generation), as well as most iPad models and Apple TV.

The iCloud lock can be a major headache even for owners who legitimately bought a device.Imagine buying an iPhone on eBay or Craigslist- just to find out it is iCloud-locked .The iCloud lock, which requires you to input your username and password, is touted as a theft deterrance for stolen phones, as the iCloud lock makes the stolen iPhone or iPad inaccessible for devices setup with iCloud.

How can iCloud lock be removed from an iPhone or iPad, is there an iCloud unlock method or way to bypass iCloud ?

It will be impossible to use the iCloud-locked device unless you can get the original username or password, or use an iCloud Lock Removal Service which can bypass iCloud and remove the iCloud account.

Thieves or opportunists chancing on a lost iPhone or iPad with iCloud lock often use an iCloud bypass service, like iPhone Unlock Guys iCloud Bypass Unlock Service.

iPhone Unlock Guys is a major company selling mobile unlocks, and their  iCloud Removal Service removes the lock for an iCloud account's link to an Apple iPhone- bypassing the need to enter an iCloud username and password on an Apple device when you either forget or don't have the iCloud log-in details.

iCloud Removal Service normally takes 7-15 business days, though due to large demand and limited unlock slots, it may take up to 30 days. 80% of devices are unlocked usually.

All that is needed to perform the iCloud removal is the IMEI number of the iPhone or iPad (Wifi+Cellular).

Once the iCloud unlock is done, the old iCloud account will be permanently erased from the device , so you can create your own iCloud account for the device.

How much does it cost to remove iCloud from an iPhone or iPad ?

The iCloud Unlock is pretty pricey. It costs $145 to remove iCloud from a single device, for clean devices which are not in Lost Mode.

Lost Mode is when the device has a message from the owner. If the device does have a message from the owner on the activation screen, then a premium iCloud unlock bypass needs to be done, which can cost $170 or more.

Note the iCloud lock is not the same as an iPhone that's password protected with a 4 digit PIN set in General Settings in IOS 7, and not the same as a device that can't be activated because it needs a Social Security Number and ZIP CODE to activate the iPhone.

Also, removing iCloud from a device is not the same as unlocking it from the wireless carrier. So , let's say an iPhone 5S is locked to AT&T, and iCloud-locked, and you want to use it on T-mobile and order the iCloud unlock service.

After iCloud is removed, the phone will not work with T-Mobile- it needs to be factory unlocked, with an AT&T iPhone 5S unlock service.


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