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By: MarketShare Masters
MINNEAPOLIS - Aug. 18, 2014 - PRLog -- A top Advertising Media planning agency of Minneapolis, namely the Marketshare Masters Advertising have expressed their opinion that most fortune 500 or even smaller companies and start-up businesses are spending whooping amounts on advertising when they can have better results with lesser spending on Media planning services.

Marketshare Masters advertising is one of the leading Media planning agencies of Minnesota who prepare advertising strategies and plans for clients which involve tried and trusted media planning tools. The CEO of the Marketshare Masters advertising explained the observation made by him/her by saying Because of increasing competition and shrinking customer bases, most Companies are going on a spending spree on their product or brand advertising and chasing big Media Planning agencies and Media buying agencies whereas what they need is efficient Media planning Companies who can provide equally effective Media planning services at much lesser rates

Sighting example of their own Advertising media planning agency, the CEO of Marketshare Masters said Media planning is not a juke box where more money you put, the more music you get to hear. It is all about making the media plan so pin-pointed and sharp that it uses minimum media usage for maximum impact. Media planning tools help us in identifying the universe group and target group most effectively and our proximity with media houses helps the client by saving them additional expense for hiring Media planning Agency or Media buying Agency.

In early days, Advertisement creation was done by Advertising Company, Media Planning was executed by some separate Media planning entity and Media buying was undertaken by specialist Media buying Companies. But now days, An advertisement media planning company can undertake functions of Media planning Agencies as well as Media buying Companies and thus save their clients crucial money under a single-point packaged deal. As a Media planning agency, the media company cuts down all overlapping and unnecessary media platforms for a given target audience and as a Media buying agency the same media company proceeds to buy various media platforms at the lowest possible bargain, thus benefiting their clients in both functions.

By hiring separate Media planning agencies and Media buying agencies, many companies are over-spending on their advertising budget whereas, if this excess spending is prevented, it can help the business by reinvesting the saved funds into better media planning.

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