Temujin Technologies, LLC, launches Restaurant Promotion Apps service for Restaurants

Bethlehem, PA, USA August 15th Temujin Technologies, LLC (www.customapped.com) a Tech company offering customized app services launches it’s new site for restaurant app customization
BETHLEHEM, Pa. - Aug. 17, 2014 - PRLog -- The new site will be dedicated to the customization services of apps specifically for Restaurants.  Temujin Tech decided to launch a customized service for restaurants due to the fact they are a unique industry that has a high app usage for ordering pickup and delivery.

Recently app usage for restaurants has exploded with a high percentage of orders for delivery coming through apps on iPhones and iPads.  Younger users prefer the no fuss interface of ordering through an app allowing for quick efficient orders with no mistakes commonly occurring with orders over the phone.  iPhone/iPad orders have spiked, and studies have shown that iOS device users spend on average 4 times more than Android.  For these reasons Temujin Tech developed apps that specifically target the usage preferred by users to allow a fast and efficient order process for end users.

Smart phone usage stats are up and widely used for ordering.  Here are some amazing stats:  In the age group of 18 to 34 (prime for delivery orders) 74% of smart phone users used their phone to order takeout or delivery, 85% of people in the USA have a mobile phone and take them everywhere, iPhone users spend 4 times as much as Android users, 95% of smart phone users use their phones to look for local information and 88% take action the same day.  As a huge marketing note Smart Phones are always with the customer, always on and always connected.

Many restaurants now are using large online/app companies offering menus and ordering services such as GrubHub.  These are excellent services to locate a restaurant and bring in new customers.  But after the initial interaction customers keep returning, using these services to order and customers don’t even know how GrubHub makes money.  Restaurants are required to pay high transactions fees in many cases ranging from 10% to 15%.  Creating a custom app for online orders allows restaurant to keep the business in their system offering many benefits including: ordering in their system, more customer interaction, saving on transaction fees, enabling push notifications to keep customers coming back often, customer convenience, real menu pictures that inspire larger orders, reservations, maps and locations all on one app.

Push Notifications are one of the best ways to directly interact with customers quickly and efficiently.  Push Notifications are read by their users an amazing 97% of the time.  This is the most effective way for small restaurants to capture the attention of their customers.  This compared to a small fraction of users that open subscription emails that are rarely even noticed in between mass junk mail.

Other Features are being offered in the custom app by Temujin Tech and these include: Ordering/Delivery orders, interactive menu, standard menu, reservations, location map, directions launching the Apple Map app for quick directions, introductions, customized colors and branding, customized pictures and wording,  Push alerts when new orders arrive, Apple app store submission, up to 10,000 push messages sent monthly included and all this is offered at only $29 per month and they even through in free customization.  There are no contracts, and the app can be canceled at anytime.  Not a bad deal for up and coming restaurants to improve their online presence and give customers what they want, an easy to use app to send orders.

To get in contact visit their website at http://www.restaurantpromotionapps.com, download the app and test it out.  Contact them anytime at contact@restaurantpromotionapps.com.

Temujin Technologies specializes in customized business apps to help growing companies promote and gain marketing independence from the massive marketing machines eating away at their profits daily through technology.  Temujin Tech’s goal is to enable small business to have a large business presence through apps.


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