Environmental Inspections Protect New Home Buyers From Potential Contamination Issues ?

Many home buyers assume that an Oil Tank Sweep and Home Building inspection are all that is needed to purchase property in NJ. Thing again !
MIDDLETOWN, N.J. - Aug. 16, 2014 - PRLog -- Purchasing a new home or commercial property in New Jersey may appear to be  a simple endeavor. Just get a oil sweep and a Home Inspection and your done. This is could be a terribly wrong assumption. New Jersey at onetime has had over 20,000 active comercial and residential sites. These sites may have been impacted by leaking home heating oil tanks or chemicals from dry cleaners. In one New Jersey shore town the impact from a small drying cleaning store has contaminated ground water fro 5 miles and moving.  Environmental Systems can provide detailed property ground inspections using ground penetrating radar for oil tank sweeps which high tech compared to the common wand magnetomeer technology. Also nooil  tank sweep should ever be complete without completing extra cost soil boring to identify contaminated soil and ground water. Environmental Systems also provides Indoor Air sampling to identify  Mold and chemicals in air. Chemicals in Air caused by Vapor Intrustion of Chemicals from leaking chemical and underground storage tanks may contaminate ground water under a property causing vapors to enter a residential home or office and cause health problems to the occupants. Environmental comprehensive real estate screening services can prevent a buyer from purchasing a contaminated property. Many realtors do not tell buyers that if they purchase a contaminated residential or commercial property they will be responsible for property clean-up should the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection order a  Site Remdiation Clean-up for the property.

To obtain additional information regarding Environmental Inspections, contact Environmental Systems at 732-892-8707 or visit our website at depenvirosystems.com

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