Bubs Nest | The Baby Friendly Shopping Trolley Seat Covers are here!

NENAGH, Ireland - Aug. 13, 2014 - PRLog -- Bubs Nest shopping trolley seat covers are a new product to the market and are a solution to a problem I frequently faced when out shopping with my baby boy. When I used to go shopping with my baby boy I would put him, in his car seat, into the shopping trolley. This kept him safe but meant that I had little room for my groceries. When he got to around 2 months old and into something of a routine of waking and sleeping time he didn’t want to be in the car seat because that meant he was missing all the action so I started to use the shopping trolley baby seats. The seats are functional, absolutely, but are not the most appealing thing to be placing your beautiful baby into. They are hard and frequently cold, damp and dirty.

I started trying to line the seat with a soft blanket. This meant accessing the seat harness was a problem and the blanket would get bunched up around the baby’s shoulders and was not the most comfortable for him. It also meant his head was still lying against the hard seats.

I really enjoy sewing so I decided to make a seat cover. I took a measuring tape up to the supermarket, measured up one of the seats and came home and drew up a pattern for a cover. It took me 9 attempts before I made one that fitted the seats in my regular supermarket as well as all the other seats I could find in every other supermarket I visited in my area.

Then it was time to look at seats in use in other places. My sister who lives in the UK dutifully traipsed from supermarket to supermarket to check out the seats in use there. I also had friends going on holidays who sent me back photos of the trolleys in use in those countries. Surprisingly we were not arrested for acting suspiciously in the car park and trolley bays of these supermarkets and eventually I had a design that I really liked. The proof of the usefulness of the product though was in how happily my little boy sat back and took it all in when I was shopping. He was as cosy as could be lying against the fleece cover, he was comfortable because of the padding and he could twist, pull and chew on whatever little toy I had clipped on to the cover.

Visit http://www.bubsnest.ie/content/6-customer-information to check out the handy features of the covers which include:

Full access to seat harness for safety. Always use the harness to secure the baby in the seat

Fits both 3 point and 5 point harness seats. All seats that have been tested so far can be accommodated by the Bubs Nest cover

Protects the baby from dirt, dampness and cold. The padding used in the cover has some resistance to the passage of water from the seat to the baby. A very wet seat will need to be dried prior to placing the cover on the seat

Padded for comfort. The central panel of the cover is padded so as to provide a soft cushion between the baby and the hard seat

Easily stored via a pouch at the back of the harness. The cover completely folds into itself, via a pouch at the back of the cover. Once folded the cover can be secured closed using the Velcro strip

Allows for rattle or soother to be clipped on. There is a loop that will allow the user of the cover to clip on something to distract or entertain an older baby

Machine washable

All materials used in the production of the cover conform to EN71 – 3

Please check out http://www.bubsnest.ie/home/1-shopping-trolley-seat-cover... to view the different patterns available.

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