Are you getting the right goalkeeper training?

DENVER - Aug. 13, 2014 - PRLog -- Are you getting the right goalkeeper training? (

Every day, there is a new goalkeeper Academy being born. However as more goalkeeper academies start coming out, there's a number of things you must be aware when you select an academy.

I received many emails from parents all over the United States asking about training with J4K and they tell me their reasons why they decide to leave their current training programs to move on to other ones but i also personally helped hundreds of goalkeepers in camps in different places for different organizations and I found lots of helpful information,  this is why I decided to write a blog about this subject and share with you.

The main reason why new goalkeeper academies are born every day,  is MONEY. This is the reality of several goalkeeper programs. There is nothing wrong with making money but there is a fundamental problem if that is their only focus instead of HIGH QUALITY training for the goalkeepers....The more kids they have, the more money they will make, simple formula. Therefore, they have overcrowded camps and sessions. But most keepers and parents still do not have a clear understanding about professional and advanced goalkeeper is few tips to help find your right training:

Coaches:   in order for these organization to keep up with these overcrowded classes, they have to train on a daily/weekly basis, plus kick HUNDREDS of balls every session and instruct/entertain kids, but within weeks coaches will quickly burnout and as result the QUALITY of training will be very MINIMAL.   PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS because coaches will not tell you this....
There are goalkeeper programs that love to brag about their association with XYZ pro team. Therefore, people RUN to these training programs because they believe is "the best". These organizations often bring "special guests" or a professional player to sign autographs, give few instructions for about half hour or less then they disappear, for the rest of the camp...THIS IS THE OLDEST TRICK EVER but it works every time to attract new clients.  but then again, you are looking at a LARGE CAMP dkxwr where you are now another NUMBER.
Who are the coaches?:     What you generally hear from these clubs or goalkeeper organizations is "We have the best coaches in the US or STATE?...this is logically impossible to have ALL BEST coaches in the US or the States at the same place and at the same time. Furthermore, not everyone who played in college or even FORMER PROFESSIONAL are great coaches. Please take this advise from me, I have met so many professional goalkeepers and college goalkeepers who simply cannot coach at all but some of them will probably will be coaching at a youth club or probably coaching goalkeepers forextra cash in your area. No true dedication to your success. Furthermore,  please understand that being a former college player, SHOULD NEVER be confused with a former Professional player, they are TWO different worlds, even though, some people will make you believe that they are ALL the same...not even close!!!
Last, what is goalkeeping training about?:   Best way I can describe a goalkeeper training; is the training that will help you meet the demands of the 21st century game, your goalkeeper training must be beyond simple basic techniques. Basic skill training is absolutely important, but many organization will only do this because they do not know what else to do to help the goalkeepers. You probably have seen goalkeepers who can catch, dive, communicate and do everything

PERFECTLY but they move slow, are out of shape, cant jump and don't have ANY speed, quickness , flexibility nor power to make saves, unless the ball comes right to their hands.   Goalkeeper training requires a training that FITS YOUR NEEDS and not a ONE SIZES FITS ALL.  Every goalkeeper is DIFFERENT and if they are different, why is it that most goalkeeper organizations are making all the goalkeepers do the same things.....this is tricky, but think about this, my qualities as a goalkeeper are NOT the same as yours, everybody is different. Therefore, you must find a training that will fit your needs to reach your top performance. But if you have TOO MANY goalkeepers you will have to settle for ONE SIZES FITS ALL training programs and hope you stand out.

These are just few tips to help you be aware of your needs as a goalkeepers.  I hope this will help few goalkeepers and parents understand that there are other options of effective training but they must think outside the box. But also, you must educate yourself and research what is needed to help you become a great goalkeeper but again, if you are satisfied where you are then you are in the right training.

If you have ANY questions about goalkeeper training in your area please let us know. I am an international goalkeeper coach in Denver, Colorado with J4K or Just4keepers academy


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