New Lighter weight and smaller frame Nike Radiation Safety Glasses (Leaded Eyewear)

Our eyes are on of our most valuable assets, without properly functioning eyes even the most routine tasks can become very difficult to complete. Eyes are delicate and precious, they are your most important tool, so please take care of them!
Radiation Safety Glasses
Radiation Safety Glasses
BANGOR, Pa. - Aug. 12, 2014 - PRLog -- When working near and around ionizing radiation it is important to protect your eyes from potential exposure by wearing lead glasses. Radiation safety glasses, commonly referred to as lead glasses, are designed to protect the lens of the eye by reducing the amount of radiation that is permitted to pass through the leaded glass lenses.   Healthcare personnel must protect their eyes when working around radiation.  At VS Eyewear we take this very serious.

Your eyes are an important part of your overall health. Protecting your eyes, whether from ultraviolet radiation or ionizing radiation is important. Among the tips for maintaining good eye health is to always wear protective eyewear.

VS Eyewear offers a complete line of radiation protection for your staff and your office.  Our radiation safety products offer the highest attenuation ratings on the market, and many of our cyewear styles are CE-approved for use in Europe.

Lead Glasses

Today, lead glasses come in a wide-variety of styles and configurations including wraparound, goggles, fit over, economy, plastic, metal, and designer frames. For example, metal frames are available with frontal (lens) and lateral radiation(side shields) protection offering 0.75mm and 0.35mm lead (Pb) equivalency respectively.

You can also order your prescription radiation glasses as single vision, lined bifocals, or no line progressive bifocals.  Whether you require corrective prescription eyewear or not, you can now enjoy clear vision and full radiation protection with your eye glass selection from VS Eyewear.

The industry standard 0.75mm lead equivalency SCHOTT SF6 radiation safety glass lenses provide protection from harmful radiation exposure. The lenses have been tested (CE Certified for Radiation Reducing Eyewear) at 100 kV and have a nominal lead equivalence of 0.75mm Pb and the side shields offer a nominal lead equivalence of 0.35mm Pb at 100 kV. Lead glasses are an essential piece of personal protective equipment that will help reduce the amount of radiation exposure to your eyes.

How Do Lead Glasses Protect Your Eyes?

Radiation eye protection
should always be used when working near and around ionizing radiation. Recently, several studies have found that wearing lead glasses significantly reduces the lens dose rate.

Mike DeMasi

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