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Wow, July's come and gone which means this is the last episode in my topic of the month on “How to stay memorable in business.”
SYDNEY, Australia - Aug. 5, 2014 - PRLog -- So what separates one business from another? Pricing? Yes. Branding? Yes. Products Yes and while these are all important, service and confidence is what most people are buying.

For example: A client and friend of mine has two investment properties with two different financial institutions and loans. On July 1st, the smaller bank sent him everything regarding his investment property, which really impressed him.

So he thought his other end of year financials would come through from his other bank reasonably soon as well. Well after one month of waiting he got sick of waiting so he called one of the big 4 banks he has his loan with, had to request the details and then he said the Call Centre operator didn’t even understand what the end of year financial statement was. Not good.

Below are just some of the more unconventional strategies I use to not only stay memorable in business but also attract people and repel other people at the same time.

#1. The Power Of Your Mobile Phone

One of the greatest strategies my clients give me awesome feedback on is how I use my mobile phone when we’re working on a project together

For example, when I send any prospect or client a costing or quote they receive a text message with time and day they costing was sent to them.

When I send them their copywriting project they receive a project delivery text message telling them what day and time they project was sent to them.

When we need to organise a meeting or remind them we have a meeting I text them 24 hours before.

The beauty of this strategy is it avoids my costing or their project getting lost in a sea of emails they have.  To be honest I’m more of pick up the phone and speak with my client type of guy but my customers are time poor running their own business so they’re not always available and when you send a text, it’s opened and read within 90 seconds.

#2.  Name Rank Serial Number Business Cards Versus Bookmarks

Most people have a boring old name rank serial number business card. Lot’s of them look great but most just go in the pile. I think over the past 11 years I’ve met probably three people who have given me a business card that stands out.

Me I prefer to use a bookmark as a business card for several reasons. Now because it’s much larger than your traditional business card it does have its downside. I do not win any business networking business card draws anymore as mine dominates and stands out from all the others so no-one draws it out but that’s okay.

Why use a bookmark as a business card?

I use a bookmark because it’s different. No one else does (except clients I’ve shared this with), it’s a great conversation starter and people who get my bookmark keep it unlike the majority of business cards that just get thrown into a pile never to be seen again.

The biggest benefit of using a bookmark as a business card

Most people I come into contact with these days are Entrepreneurs, business owners, franchisee’s or marketing managers and “Leaders are readers!”

The biggest benefit is my bookmark ends up in a book sitting beside the persons bed most of the time and they see me and my brand every time they open to read their book each night so I’m always top of mind with them.

For more information and all the videos' and strategies I shared in July on "How to stay memorable in business" visit

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