Caveat Emptor-AS IS-Chinese Drywall Homes FOR SALE-NO DRYWALL DISCLOSURE INFO-Hello! Anybody Paying Attention

Banks, Lenders, Investors, Homeowners and others, selling property containing Tainted Corrosive Chinese Drywall (TCDW), have started to market or sell these structures without accurate property disclosures. Consumers should question partially remediated structures and WHO performed the work? Under what protocol or guidelines? Was electrical wiring removed? HVAC duct work removed? Treatment method? Clearance document paper-trail? Lenders now require "Drywall Inspection" before funding loans???
SARASOTA, Fla. - Aug. 15, 2014 - PRLog -- Lenders are now requiring "Drywall Inspections" before funding loans or Final loan approval, based on age and location of the loan collateral or structure.

Foreman and Associates continues to provide consumers, investors, lenders, homeowners, and buyers our NDE Drywall Assesment Report that basically determines, confirms, and validates that TCDW or CDW either is clearly installed and present based on known visual effects or NOT installed in the structure.

Foreman and Associates continues to confirm, expose, find, or disclose infected or affected structures both single family and multi-family (condos) as recently as yesterday, further confirming and validating the issue(s) have not been fully exposed or defined, concerning the number of structures affected or infected and locations.

Consumers, Investors, Homeowners, and numerous others involved in Real Estate transactions are finding a false sense of security that the issues and problems associated with tainted corrosive drywall (TCDW) or Chinese Drywall (CDW) are in the past or over, but with the existing known TCDW or CDW foreclosures already in the system and more new foreclosures starting to hit the market ... Chinese Drywall or Tainted Corrosive Drywall still remains a major issue for perspective buyers, consumers, and investors.

Caveat Emptor is a Latin term, first known to be used in 1523, that means "let the buyer beware" and marketing, promoting, and selling "AS IS" property is just another term or way to say Caveat Emptor.

Realtors, Brokers, Investors and others involved with the Real Estate Transaction or sale of Chinese Drywall structures think liability or future culpability can be avoided, all because the use of the "AS IS" statement, are rapidly finding out, Real Estate Litigation Attorneys or Litigation Lawyers and others, consider this an ethics violation or failure to disclose a potentially known defect or deficiency have now started selling "Partially Remediated" houses or structures in an attempt to avoid liability.

Every profession can have "bad apples" and most, if not all the Real Estate Professionals I have contact with, maintain very high ethical standards, but due to the economy, a few "bad apples" are giving some Real Estate Firms or Brokers major problems with their Insurers or Insurance carriers when asked a few simple questions about "Partially Remediated" houses or structures.

Foreman and Associates "Forensic Field Consultants" have visited numerous houses or structures currently marketed "AS IS" or "PARTIALLY REMEDIATED" and have to politely explain to the potential buyer, work performed and explanations provided by seller or sellers agent(s), fails to "pass mustard" or in simple terms, FAILS TO MEET ESTABLISHED GUIDELINES, and is exactly as represented ... PARTIALLY REMEDIATED !

Key questions that buyers need to ask and request documentation to confirm:

performed the "Partial Remediation" ?

WHAT protocol or guidelines did partial or full abatement work follow ?

WAS all electrical wiring removed 100% ?

WAS all duct-work, HVAC equipment, and freon suction lines removed 100% ?

WAS "ALL" drywall removed 100% ?

WHAT treatment method was applied and by WHO ?

WHO, HOW, and WHEN was "Clearance Testing" performed and is the "paper trail" provided ?

What guarantee, insurance policy, or certification protects the buyer after purchase ???

Do not be another victim of Chinese Drywall or numerous other hidden deficiencies and defects, by demanding and contracting adequate time to accomplish a Tainted Corrosive Drywall Assessment Report (TCDA) or Comprehensive Home Analysis Report (CHA) by a trained and knowledgeable professional, that follows our NDE (Non-Destructive Examination or Evaluation) Inspection, Analysis, or Assessment Protocol, that uncovers or questions these few major issues and other issues, YOU as the buyer are accepting, or asked to overlook would be more accurate.

Contact a trained professional and clearly know ... NDE Testing is the best and most accurate form of "Analysis, Inspection, or Assessment" ... DO NOT be fooled by sniffing dogs, XRF guns, and sample testing of drywall.

Our Firm has disproved the first two, Dog Sniffing and XRF Guns, and even the CPSC agreed both failed to accurately and consistently provide definitive guidance and answers. Testing drywall samples based on a standard 1800 sq. ft. home containing approximately 125 - 150 or more sheets of drywall, would mean 125 - 150 or more individual test would need to be performed ... clearly not a very cost effective approach.

Foreman and Associates continues to lead the industry with facts and knowledge concerning CDW or TCDW Assessments and corrective Protocols, by educating and informing consumers.

Thank you for your time and interest.

We look forward to sharing our expertise and knowledge, that just takes one phone call or e-mail.

Michael S. Foreman, President

Foreman and Associates, Inc.

Forensic Construction Consultants

Sarasota, Florida


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