La Trobe Financial celebrates 62 years in the game

Greg O’Neill, President & Chief Executive Officer
Greg O’Neill, President & Chief Executive Officer
MELBOURNE, Australia - Aug. 3, 2014 - PRLog -- On the 6th August 2014, one of Australia’s leading credit specialist fund managers, La Trobe Financial, will celebrate 62 years in business. A business commenced from humble beginnings after the Second World War and which has seen off many competitors, business and economic cycles. It has not only survived but thrived now deploying 133 staff across offices in Melbourne, Traralgon, and Sydney and also internationally in Shanghai, China.

Started by Ray O’Neill as a returned soldier after serving in Papua New Guinea during the Second World War, he formed the business with a desire to do more and produce something of lasting value for his country – or as he put it in his book “Job Fever”: a desire to create growth through a business focused on helping ‘others before self’ in the ANZAC tradition – and that business now celebrates 62 years of continuous service to the Australian economy.

According to his son Greg O’Neill, who now after thirty years in the business is President & CEO, La Trobe Financial was incorporated to focus on one thing – to help Australians achieve the goal of financial independence. 62 years later that focus continues whether it be through finance for buying a home, setting up a business or obtaining quality investment grade opportunities.

For over six decades La Trobe Financial has focused on a very important mission of enabling families to obtain access to that very worthwhile goal of ‘financial independence’. The company has done so through affordable investment management and focusing on investment grade assets associated with homeownership. As a group, La Trobe Financial holds a high conviction that real estate is the bedrock for creating better families and better communities; La Trobe Financial truly believes it is a sanctuary, and a central form of wealth creation. Importantly their own experience suggests it is an important economic base from which thousands of businesses, like La Trobe Financial, are launched each year. La Trobe Financial are just one small example of a business that started when its founder borrowed against his first home.

Most research over the years confirms housing produces strong positive multiplier effects in the broader economy, and La Trobe Financial is very proud of our tangible contribution to Australia’s economic prosperity. It has been conservatively estimated that each dollar of the investment boosts economic activity by between $1.00 and $1.60. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates the GDP multiplier from such investment measures as high as $1.80. With La Trobe Financial having managed over $10 billion of investment mandates since 1952, our indirect impact to Australia’s GDP could be the equivalent of an additional $18 billion being created in our economy.

“In doing our job we believe we are truly assisting in the creation of safer communities, creating direct and indirect employment, adding to wealth creation opportunities for our countrymen and assisting newly arrived migrants and many other underserved clients obtain access to financial independence” said President and CEO Greg O’Neill.

Mr O’Neill went on to say…”Our job is not done. We must push ahead and assist more and more clients who remain underserved by mainstream financial services organisations – not solely for the purpose of benefiting our customers and company but more importantly to make our country a better place”.

Something must be working because the company’s contributions are now also beginning to receive independent recognition following their fifth consecutive Best of the Best Mortgage Fund In Australia Award judged by Money magazine, a 2011 Most Innovative Fund Award at the Melbourne Financial Services Symposium against very impressive international competition, and the 2013 & 2014 IAIR International Funds Management Awards.

“All of these accomplishments would not have been possible without individual contributions by our staff.” said Mr O’Neill. La Trobe Financial’s success story is simple. It stems from hard work and an adherence over 62 years to our four core values – Trust, Excellent Service, Accountability, and Motivated Staff.

“At La Trobe Financial, I believe we have one of the best work cultures of any organisation in Australia”, said Mr O’Neill. “This is now being recognised by industry, media, our funders and investors. It simply shines through in the superior customer service we each deliver every day to over 20,000 customers. Our superior service and commitment as a team to truly make a difference by being leaders, innovators, and the best at what we do, rather than followers sets us apart.”

We work together as one team on the principle that when staff feel valued they will value customers a whole different way, and we all look forward to celebrating many more birthdays together – staff and customers.

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