Regal Marketing Solutions Serves Community with Department of Education

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA – Regal Marketing Solutions continued its commitment to community service by volunteering at an art auction hosted by the California Department of Education. The event was held in downtown Sacramento.
Regal Marketing Solutions - Department of Education
Regal Marketing Solutions - Department of Education
RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. - July 31, 2014 - PRLog -- The auction was held to raise money and awareness to continue the work of the California Department of Education, which on their website explains their core mission: “California will provide a world-class education for all students, from early childhood to adulthood. The Department of Education serves our state by innovating and collaborating with educators, schools, parents, and community partners. Together, as a team, we prepare students to live, work, and thrive in a highly connected world.”

While serving as volunteers, the Regal Marketing Solutions team first helped set up the event. When it began, they handed out brochures and were able to interact with guests. As experts in interactive marketing and communications, the team found it a natural transition to meet with both art enthusiasts and educational proponents, and discuss the importance of the event.

Kristina, the director of operations for Regal Marketing Solutions, expressed her enthusiasm at being involved in the community event. “We were fortunate to volunteer with the California Department of Education,” she said. “We love to actively support educating today’s youth.”

According to Kristina, it was a rewarding experience to partner with a group so dedicated to improving the lives of young people. “It was a great privilege to be in the presence of those committed to advocating that knowledge is power,” she said. “We look forward to working with the California Department of Education again.”

Regal Marketing Solutions Remains Dedicated to Community Outreach

Their recent involvement in the California Department of Education art auction was one of the many ways that Regal Marketing Solutions has supported community events. In addition to serving there, the interactive marketing firm has also spent time caring for abandoned animals at the Front Street Animal Shelter, raising awareness for the California Narcotics Officers Association, and providing environmental cleanup at Camp Pollock.

This is part of their overall commitment to serving their community. They hold as one of their core values the belief that as leaders in Rancho Cordova, it is their responsibility to provide essential support to non-profit organizations and charity groups working throughout their city and state. By assisting these groups as they pursue their essential missions, Regal Marketing Solutions plays a vital role in the improvement of their community and its residents.

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   Regal Marketing Solutions is a leader in the interactive marketing industry. They are committed to providing high-performance campaigns that form lasting relationships between clients and their customers. Based on careful market research and consumer analysis, their talented team of branding specialists designs and executes initiatives that generate greater engagement and awareness, strengthen customer loyalty, and maximize clients’ return on investment. They have built a reputation as a company with cutting-edge techniques and unwavering integrity, and their history of success has allowed them to partner with some of the largest retailers in the nation. They maintain the flexibility to customize any outreach program to meet specific consumer needs, making Regal Marketing Solutions the premier consulting and marketing services firm in Rancho Cordova.

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