Growing hair loss problem in India and growing hair transplant centers in India

What India facing now is very dangerous including corruption, scams etc. it also involves hair loss problems also.
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July 31, 2014 - PRLog -- Pattern hair loss, patchy hair loss etc. the average scalp contains about 1,50,000 hair. The normal hair life cycle lasts for two to three years. At any given point of time, about 90% of hairs on your scalp are growing and about 10% of the hair is in a resting phase.

Some of the common causes of hair loss include hormonal deficiencies, diseases, deficiency in diet and medications or treatments like chemotherapy and psychological issues like stress and depression. There are many treatments available to cure hair loss victims-traditional methods, pills, hormonal modifications and even surgical options like hair transplant. Hair loss is not just due to external factors like dandruff, sun exposure and so on. It is also an outcome of an unhealthy diet. When you deprive your body of essential nutrients, many of which are needed for normal hair growth, you are likely to suffer from hair fall. Other various reasons of hair fall comprise of stress, junk food, styling tools, nutrient deficiencies, extreme weight loss and sun exposure.

Due to growing hair loss concern of masses, people are widely looking up for the best doctors to guide and cure there rapidly receding hairline or heavy hair loss occurring due to pollution, stress, work pressure, chemical shampoos, hormonal disorders etc.

Since hair in India is a very sensitive issue for both men and women; there has been a constant search for a permanent escape. Therefore, technique of hair restoration has come to the rescue. There are hair transplant techniques available, one is called the FUE and other is known as FUT. Both of these techniques have showed phenomenal results in field of hair transplantation.

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