Leading Direct Response DRTV Agency Launches Industry’s First Interactive Video FAQ

DirectAvenue Provides Video Answers to Questions Advertisers Have about Direct Response TV Advertising
DRTV Video FAQ from DirectAvenue
DRTV Video FAQ from DirectAvenue
CARLSBAD, Calif. - July 30, 2014 - PRLog -- Even though direct response ad agencies deal with video content every day as they buy commercial airtime for clients, surprisingly few agencies use video to promote their services or educate their customers. Responding this need, DirectAvenue, a short-form media buying agency based in Carlsbad, CA, has launched the industry’s first interactive video FAQ.

The video FAQ, located on the DirectAvenue.com home page, contains video answers to fundamental questions about direct response advertising.  The answers were recorded by DirectAvenue CEO Scott Kowalchek.  “The direct response industry is growing and changing rapidly because of social media, smart phones and more sophisticated tracking technologies,” said Kowalchek.  “Advertisers have questions about these changes and we want to give them answers in an interactive, multimedia format.  Just as we embrace new technologies to help our clients succeed, we decided to embrace new technologies to help advertisers understand the industry and how to launch a successful direct response ad campaign.”

Here’s how the video FAQ works: if you mouse over the video icons that appear in a scrollable index beneath the video window, questions will appear over the icons such as “How long should my commercial be?” or “what kind of reports should I expect from my agency?”  When you see a question you want to ask about direct response, you simply click on the icon and a video answer to your question will begin streaming automatically in the video window above.

Kowalchek captured his video answers during his appearance on the C-Spot radio show hosted by advertising guru Wendi Cooper.  Because of the interactive nature of the radio show, his video answers are both informative and entertaining. “We plan to expand the video FAQ with answers about DRTV costs, 1-800 number lead generation tips, call-to-action tips for advertisers and much more in the weeks ahead. We want our DRTV video FAQ to become the first place advertisers go online when they want to find answers to their questions about direct response.”

According to the recently-released survey of advertising trends among B2B marketers, a growing number of marketers use online video to drive brand awareness, increase lead generation, build online engagement, educate customers, and drive website views.   Because of the interactive and educational nature of a video FAQ hosted by a company’s CEO, it appears that DirectAvenue is meeting all these criteria.  If Google Analytics confirms the popularity of their new format after it’s been online for a few weeks, then DirectAvenue will be the first of many video FAQ’s serving advertisers in the DRTV industry. “Our clients already know video is an effective marketing tool,” said Kowalchek. “It makes perfect sense to promote our own services by using the same format our clients already trust.”


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