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As with many fad diets it is easy to believe that just because a diet is popular and spreading rapidly it is a fad.
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Paleo Dinner Yumm..
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D.C., Wash. - July 28, 2014 - PRLog -- This is not true for the paleo foods diet plan because it is not a diet in the normal sense that society uses it today. In the modern world the word diet is usually interpreted as a way to lose weight. But in the dictionary it actually means “a meal plan or the amount and composition of the food eaten”.

The paleo food list or any paleo foods can be utilized in a number of ways, to build muscle, to combat allergies, to lose weight, to eat healthy and live better. This is not a fad diet because it is the normal way the human race was meant to eat. Paleolithic humans had no processed foods, no refrigerators to keep things cold and no sauces in bottles. The Paleolithic food list consisted of meat, fish, nuts, fruit, vegetables, and eggs.

The Paleo food diet plan is not about eating these foods raw but about eating only these foods because they work together to boost your body and help it to work at its best. Any paleo foods can be served cooked, baked, raw, or a mix of anything your imagination can dream up. That is one of the liberating aspects of the paleo foods list, there are no rules about how food should look, taste like, or be prepared except the use of ingredients the rest is up to the imagination.

The paleo diet works for weight loss because the body burns protein first then sugars and other substances. On the paleo diet the main source of food is meat, fish, eggs, and nuts all high in protein. Therefore, the body burns these foods fast and actually burns off fat stored in the body because as the body burns proteins it increase metabolism that in turn burns more fat. It is a chain reaction that naturally happens and is good and healthy for the body.

You will live a better life because when fat is burned off toxins are also eliminated from the body and the body is left healthier and cleaner to function at an optimal level. Fruit and vegetables assist the body with vitamins and minerals that boost our immune system and give energy. These foods are all good for the body because they are all natural and processed foods cannot replace that. If you have an allergy to one food or another as my husband does, simply cut is out and continue to enjoy the benefits of eating healthy foods that are on the paleo food list.

Think outside of the box when thinking of what to cook, how to take snacks to work and school using paleo foods. Dried meat is a great way to ensure a paleo snack at work that is not messy. Dried meat is also a great snack or lunch option for children at school. Precut fruit drizzled with orange and lemon are another excellent snack or paleo breakfast option for children and adults alike.

Paleo meatloaf is a dinner time saver as with any meatloaf the possibilities are endless and so easy. You can mix up the paleo meatloaf the night before store in the fridge and have it ready to pop in the oven for a fast paleo dinner. Keep in mind something like meatloaf and meatballs can be frozen very easily, so make a big batch once a month, portion it out and freeze it for go to paleo dinners fast.

The same concept can be applied to lunches make a big batch of paleo ratatouille on a Sunday and portion it out for the weeks lunches. Dips like cashew humus or babaganoush are another filling and delicious lunch option, that can be made ahead of time and easily stay fresh for a week or so. Vegetable sticks are a great snack option that can be prepared on the weekend and portioned for the week. Preparation is the key to success when beginning or sticking to a chosen diet plan because the moment something on plan is not around to eat in our busy lives we fall back on quick easy options like take out.

Living a paleo lifestyle will help one feel better, feel lighter, not so bloated or constipated. It will help you lose weight intentionally or not due to the natural effects it has on the body. Energy levels will boost because the body will not be overloaded with toxins that processed foods and grains dump into the body. When all these things come together the body automatically functions better and produces better results. Take for example getting a car serviced, the spark plugs are changed, the oil is replaced, the filters are changed, and many other small parts that are important to the overall performance of the car. Surely without a service most cars will run and keep going for a long time but will the performance and lasting condition of the car be up to standards, no.

In summary the paleo diet plan is a choice for health not just a thinner waist line. The paleo food list consists of meat, fish, nuts, eggs, fruit and vegetables. The high consumption of protein burns fat and boosts metabolism. Fruits and vegetables boost the immune system and produce higher energy levels. Paleo meatloaf is great as batches in the freezer or prepared the night before for a fast paleo dinner. The best key to success is preparation so you do not eat off plan but if you do, do not give up! Eating healthy in today’s world and work environment is harder than ever before just do not give up, if you choose the paleo diet plan do it for yourself, your health and wellbeing. Remember there no set rules for presentation, taste or design, be creative and let your imagination inspire you. If all else fails turn to a paleo recipe book for help and ideas.

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