Themes in the EP, 5 Songs, Expanded Upon in Short Story Collection, 50-Odd Stories

Highland Park Author/Musician Kyotes Will Promote the Release of His Book/EP By Leaving 50-Odd Copies of it Lying Around Los Angeles
LOS ANGELES - July 24, 2014 - PRLog -- Highland Park, Ca. July 24, 2014-- Highland Park author/musician Kyotes will release 5 Songs—an EP which blends pop, rock, futuristic space folk, psychotropic show tunes, and introspective motown—along with 50-odd Stoires—a playfully subversive short story collection—on July 29, 2014.

In order to promote the release in a slightly mysterious and whimsical manner (as befits the nature of both the book and EP), Kyotes will label 55 copies of the book and CD with a i.d. and then leave them lying around various places throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Most of the locations for the book drops will be places mentioned (or vaguely referred to) in the stories, as well as the Highland Park and Silver Lake book booths. The purpose of the campaign is to introduce potential fans to Kyotes’ work in a way that feels unexpected and serendipitous.

A major theme running through the work is this: everything is sacred and ridiculous. Many of the characters are brought face-to-face with the colossal absurdity inherent in modern life, and yet, despite the sometimes-huge forces acting against them, they struggle on. This book is a lighthearted rumination on the beauty and frustration of that struggle, and (hopefully) a way to just have a good laugh about it all. 50-odd Stories imagines an outlandish world—with a cast of characters that includes a talking albino squirrel and an itinerant, pot-smoking Jesus, for example—while highlighting the outlandishness of our own. The EP touches on these themes as well, but is also meant to stand alone as a well-made, unorthodox pop record.


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