Freight Broker Institute Announces its Nightly Online Training Program

Students now have the option of attending night time logistic classes online.
By: Freight Broker Institute
MILAN, Tenn. - July 22, 2014 - PRLog -- Freight Broker Institute has implemented its new training course so that students can have a realistic objective and hands on training approach for today’s ever changing market. This course takes place via from your home at & pm central time. Freight Brokers and Freight Agents today have the choice of going thru a 3 week program that involves intensive night courses as well as day course training set to the students schedule and availability that prepares them for the freight brokering industry. Freight Broker Institute has also implemented software training in its program thru its new Transportation Management Software called ShipperPro that has been developed specifically for freight broker firms, freight agents and Dispatch companies.

Founder and President Tom Mercer of Freight Broker Institute earlier stated “The market is not the same as several years ago and it’s our mission and goal to not only be successful brokers ourselves, but to be able to relay the knowledge and information we have to our students. I’ve always been for the new guy per to say, if they are not moving freight then it’s all pointless any way.”  Tom who has been in the industry for 17 years and is also founder of ShipperPro software , LoadNGo Logistics and L&G Investments has admitted to constantly watching the market so he can give his students  the most realistic and up to date information within the logistic industry. Tom   says “ Its important for me to share the information, the people who go thru our program I find myself working with daily as well.  We don’t just want to tell them anything, we want them moving freight”.

Freight Broker Institute‘s freight broker training and freight agent training program can be attended via internet and is done thru Skype. Tom Mercer states “Skype is an important tool for brokers and agents today; it is how we communicate daily and being that we are all located all over the United States,  it is  a perfect way for our students to receive live training as well. We communicate via audio in live group sessions and also during the day we are able to communicate for a private training session. This helps the student learn skype and it allows us to stay connected. “ The nightly classes begin at 7pm central time and our based upon a looping style of teaching, meaning that you can enter the program at any time. The course will usually last about three weeks and each student is given the opportunity to take a certification test. Once the student has been certified they are guaranteed placement within a freight brokerage firm.

Freight Broker Institute’s classes are some of the most affordable classes that we have seen online, the agent course is a very affordable $129.00 as well as the full month long training program for Freight Broker owners at $340.00.  Tom Mercer CEO of Freight Broker Institute states “Our training program is very affordable and we decided to do this for one purpose only, we don’t just want their money for training, we look at them long term, if they are moving freight and successful then so are we.  I caution anyone when looking at training that if the company is asking a lot of money upfront, to me it’s a red flag. The key is long term and it’s been our mission from the beginning”.

To learn more about Freight Broker Institute you can visit their website at or call them at 866-536-4318.

Freight Broker Institute

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