Effective Recruitment Practices in Real Estate

July 22, 2014 - PRLog -- Author:Christopher Moriarty (https://www.linkedin.com/pub/chris-moriarty/95/220/a91), Recruitment Specialist

I’m writing this article as evidentiary support for the maximization and effectiveness of recruitment practices and for experiencing more impressive results by using cold-calling services provided by a third party, outside of one’s real estate firm.  Effective agent recruitment addresses the largest single factor affecting the increase of real estate broker/owners yearly revenue as reflected in a recent industry survey (http://www.inman.com/2013/07/09/survey-recruiting-biggest-challenge-to-growing-profits/#.U3DwLoFdWls) of agency brokerages across the country and yet, many brokerages simply either cannot manage their time effectively to get this critical process done or are unequipped to undertake such an operation like effective recruitment of qualified agents.

My experience as recruitment specialist has proven what the data has shown and this fact has been substantiated again and again, that the single best way to effectively recruit new agents to your real estate brokerage, and the single most effective practice for recruiting on the whole, is to carry out an aggressive telephone campaign in unison with a systematic and organized follow-up regimen in order to support the initial telephone contact.

Alexander Graham Bell may very well be the greatest champion of the American salesman. Following the early rescue of every door-to-door anvil salesman followed just about every other type of salesperson that was capable of replacing face-to-face exchanges with the use of a telephone!  It revolutionized sales in a way that has remained unsurpassed even today. Ever since the advent of landline telephone service, which was finally commercialized in the late 19th century, sales people of every kind have capitalized on the unprecedented access the telephone provided directly to a captive customer or audience. The access to potential customers and the unfettered access for the purposes of recruitment that the telephone provides has remained unrivaled. This same phenomenon also holds true for real estate professionals, and so it would stand to reason, why wouldn’t the tool used by agents themselves be most effective when turned against or even upon them in return? Real estate agents are familiar with the unlimited possibilities of working a cold-calling scheme when accessing leads for expired listings and for-sale-by-owner leads.  Almost every top-producing agent has a plan for accessing leads and a creative way for accessing referrals. They understand how important the utilization of the telephone is and how important vsxvo this tool’s potential is; they’ve used it themselves and they appreciate when it is utilized professionally when they themselves receive a call by reacting and responding, most often in a positive way. As a matter of fact, just as former waiters and waitresses become the best of future tippers, many of the agent recruitment prospects who are receiving telephone calls from my recruiting specialists, when not obviously busy with a client themselves or being distracted in many different ways, respond in kind with patience, kindness, tolerance and grace when dealing with my recruitment professionals, and for this reason, the recruitment specialists enjoy an enormously high success rate in setting interview appointments.

When considering the effectiveness of primarily using the cold-call as a means of making first contact with recruits, many would attempt to distract from its effectiveness by asserting that upon first contact, the problem in convincing agents to move and the supposed ineffectiveness of aggressive telephone recruiting processes is reflected in the agent’s customary response of comfort in his or her current company, or depends solely on the commission structure comparison from firm to firm. It is my contention that the recruitment approach and the pitch is most effective combined with the passion, energy and expertise of the recruitment specialist, this denomination in the final analysis, is most important when considering the overall effectiveness of the process.

In a wonderful article written by a recruitment industry authority, Jon Cheplak (http://www.cheplaklive.com/the-recruiting-pattern-that-do...) the subject of agent readiness-to-change firms came up.  While the numbers and statistics surrounding the possibilities of prospective recruits leaving their present position is staggering to anyone beginning to plan an aggressive recruitment campaign, it’s no wonder that the money spent on recruiting is often the last money allocated from a brokerages management and marketing budget. The reason for this covers the gamut.  Many brokers understand the value of adding top-producing agents to their firm but don’t like the necessary groundwork needed for getting the job done. Some brokers, knowing full well the advantages of an aggressive recruitment campaign, will go as far as hiring an in-house executive recruitment specialist at the cost of upwards of $80,000 a year for the service. However, when one considers the cost-benefit analysis of telephone cold-calling and how effective it is, factors in the time necessary for its success, adds in human resource hours and energy necessary to successfully carry through with the campaign and understands that the follow-up time spent reaching back out to agents that didn’t show up for meetings or that needed to be micro managed with rescheduling, and comprehends that these are all necessary components to succeeding in actually getting one of these high-quality potential recruits to actually switch firms, the task can seem overwhelming.  That’s where the professional resources and account management services of a recruiting campaign, designed and carried out by a company like The Elite Connect (http://theeliteconnect.com/recruiting/), whose sole responsibility is to make the calls, manage the agent accounts and continue through with the follow-up all within the normal business hours of their everyday workday is much more practical, realistic, affordable and a great return on their investment to boot! This proposition is not only more cost effective, it also takes the most daunting aspects of the process out of the hands of an entity that doesn’t want to do it, and often times isn’t overly competent in its procedures which makes the outside services of a professional recruitment firm more practical and more effective with their persistent telephone campaign, their aggressive follow through and the ability to effectively manage the intricacies of this comprehensive undertaking.

All in all, when considering how to handle the important practice of agent recruitment, the evidence supporting the outsourcing of recruitment practices and procedures makes good business sense and should be taken into consideration to accomplish what most brokerages feel is the one main element standing in the way of generating more profits.

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