Two of Holy Ghost Writer’s Sequels to ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ Are Permanently Free

The Sultan of Monte Cristo
The Sultan of Monte Cristo
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NEW YORK - July 17, 2014 - PRLog -- Bestselling author Holy Ghost Writer has recently announced that two of the sequels to ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ by Alexandre Dumas are offered for free on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Thus, readers can download at any time the first sequel to the popular story written by the French writer, ‘The Sultan of Monte Cristo’, and the eleventh sequel, ‘The Boy Who Played with Dark Matter’.

The mysterious Holy Ghost Writer has long become a literary phenomenon. No one has discovered his real identity yet, so the contest started by the author continues: the reader who will follow the clues offered in the sequels and figure out who Holy Ghost Writer really is will receive $5000.

‘The Sultan of Monte Cristo’ is the first sequel to the popular novel written by Alexandre Dumas, and it follows Edmond Dantes’s adventures after he takes his revenge on the Villeforts. Having the lovely Mercedes and the beautiful Haydee by his side, Edmond is ready to confront new villains. An original character is introduced – Raymee, an attractive young woman who falls in love with Edmond. Readers will love the fact that Edmond is surrounded by strong, intelligent, and independent women. Mercedes, Haydee, and Raymee all play an important role in his development. Even more, Mercedes will find out the secret of Edmond’s true origins, which will make his journey of self-discovery even more interesting.

‘The Boy Who Played with Dark Matter’ can be read as a standalone, and it is perfect for readers of all ages. Children, young adults, and adults will enjoy the adventures of young Zeddy, a six-year-old genius who is trying to find his missing father. The action takes place in a world that has gone mad, where the International Government issues new laws every day to keep the people busy and distracted from what is truly happening. Zeddy believes that his physicist father was kidnapped by the International Military Police, but Nimueh, the ancient Lady of the Lake, thinks otherwise. She tells the boy that his father might be in a parallel universe, on a planet made entirely of dark matter. Now Zeddy has to travel to Zamira to find his father, and the only friend he can trust is his dark-matter zutterfly.

One of the most intriguing things about Holy Ghost Writer’s sequels is that all the characters and stories are somehow connected. However, the readers will have to read the entire series to see the whole picture. The author has managed to combine adventure, mystery, suspense, and romance in a brilliant, compelling way that grabs the readers’ attention and keeps them glued to the pages.

Now, that ‘The Sultan of Monte Cristo’ and ‘The Boy Who Played with Dark Matter’ are permanently free on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, more people will consider reading the books carefully and paying attention to the details in hopes they will discover the author’s true identity.

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