Rehab Drug Treatment Centers Bridgeport Announces Enhanced Opiate Addiction Treatment

Enhanced recovery program specifically for opiate addiction devised to halt the high rate of physical dependence among these individuals.
BRIDGEPORT, Conn. - July 10, 2014 - PRLog -- Opiate medication abuse is a constantly growing problem, not only in Connecticut but all over the Northeast and the United States. Prescription painkiller abuse can often lead to heroin use, especially if the addict can no longer get access to his or her preferred substance.  Therefore, it is easy to understand how men and women can get stuck in a downward spiral of habitual drug abuse.

While Drug Treatment Centers Bridgeport Rehab has a solid track record with other commonly abused substances like alcohol, the opiate recovery treatment programs are designed to reverse the debilitating effects of longstanding drug use. Medical detoxification is the first step. Detox rids the body of drug toxins while the patient is under vigilant medical supervision. The process at the Bridgeport drug detox center is designed to make the physical process of weaning off of the substance tolerable and medically safe. After detox is completed, the patient can then embark on a life-changing path to lasting recovery where the treatment shifts from the physical to the psychological.

The facility offers a range of personalized treatment services such as family therapy, dual diagnosis, partial hospitalization, a sober living community, intensive outpatient treatment, behavioral cognitive therapy, one-on-one therapy, and pain management programs. The main concern of the facility’s staff is that every patient receives the individualized attention and care necessary to maintain long-term recovery, regardless of how many days it takes.

It is imperative for any substance abuse rehab to utilize every tool available during the patient’s stay in order to foster long-term, successful omxsg recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.

For Bridgeport CT Drug Alcohol Rehab Treatment or for more information contact one of their certified addiction counselors  anytime at (203) 612-9630 or visit the center’s web site for additional information and addiction treatment resources.

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