Media Advisory:Atlanta Family Resumes Reunion Amid Civil Rights 50th Anniversary Commemoration

McLendon Family of Atlanta resumes its family reunion amid Civil Rights Anniversary commemorations, recognizing the family's history that was impacted by the turbulent "Sixties," noting that contributions beyond the iconic figures should be noted.
Sp5 Wyley Wright and Ouida F. Wright to be Reunited at Arlington, National
Sp5 Wyley Wright and Ouida F. Wright to be Reunited at Arlington, National
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Media Advisory

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First McLendon Family Reunion in Five Decades Held in Atlanta Highlights FamilyMembers Contribution to U.S. Amid the

50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement

Who:          Alex Zack McLendon (Veteran, U.S. Army) and daughters Charma Lisa McLendon Shaw (Educator), Sylvia Camille McLendon Peirce (Educator and Singer) of Atlanta, and Family and friends from across the nation

What:       In the wake of Civil Rights 50th Commemoration that includes the recognition of Ouida Fay McLendon Wright (March 9, 1970), who was reburied March 10, 2014 with Fallen Viet Nam Hero Sp5 Wyley Wright, an Honor Guard for then Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara (Wright’s death March 9, 1964) at a time when Arlington National Cemetery celebrates its 150th Anniversary, the McLendon Family reinstitutes the African American Family tradition of summer reunions.   Amid the family history, games, introductions and reintroductions, the love story of Sp5 Wyley Wright and McLendon Family member Ouida Fay McLendon Wright, “Love Separated in Life, Love Reunited in Honor” is acknowledged.

Background story of Wright & McLendon-

When:          Saturday, June 28 3:00 p.m.  and Sunday, June 29th 11:00 a.m.

Where:         June 28- Stone Mountain Park, 1000 Robert E. Lee Blvd., Stone Mountain, GA- Family Cookout at the Studdard Picnic Area  (Robert E. Lee Blvd. from the Riverboat Marina Complex); June 29th 11:00 a.m. Bishop Paul S. Morton’s “Changing a Generation” Church, 3350 Greenbriar Parkway, Atlanta, GA  30331

Why:          As the U.S. celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement focusing on the icons of the times; the McLendon Family Reunion pauses to remember family members impacted by the turbulence of the “Sixties.”  Beyond the iconic stories, the McLendon Family Reunion reminds us that the “Sixties” affected everyday people as well.  Given the findings of U.C.L.A. Law Professor Dr. Jerry Kang in “Trojan Horses of Race”

that television news perpetuates racism with a focus mostly on criminal stories about minorities, it’s important that the contribution and service of minority families such as the McLendon’s be noted in the media.


Background information on Ouida Fay McLendon Wright and Sp5 Wyley Wright:

Viet Nam War Hero Exhumed in Jacksonville, FL March 3, 2014

Arlington National Cemetery Fact Sheet

http://../12284723-love-separated-in-lifelove-reunited-in...  Gold Book Describing Death of Sp5 Wright and PFC Shea on March 9, 1964

Battalion History of 114th- “Knights of the Air”(First Army Aviation Unit in Viet Nam) outlining the difficulty of missions:

Note: San Francisco Publicist, Jackie Wright of Wright Enterprises is the daughter of Sp5. Wyley Wright Jr. and Ouida F. McLendon Wright.

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