"A Book of Questions to Jumpstart Your Career Search" -- Interactive eBook and Paperback Now Available!

Looking for a career change or a new job, but don’t know where to start? Thinking about an encore career? Are you stuck in a rut?
By: College Path, LLC; College Path Publications
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A Book of Questions to Jumpstart Your Career Search
A Book of Questions to Jumpstart Your Career Search
SUMTER, S.C. - June 27, 2014 - PRLog -- "A Book of Questions to Jumpstart Your Career Search" was written as a resource to help students, parents, educators, and anyone entering or re-entering the job workforce. This ultimate resource tool is like having a professional career counselor beside you every step of the way. It will make you think about questions that may be important to you in your career search such as:

How Do I Get Started?
What Do I Do Next?
Who Can Help Me?
Where Do I Look For Information?
What Kind of Training Do I Need?
What Questions Do I Ask Before Choosing a Major?
What if I Change My Mind About My Career Track?
Where Do I Find Reliable Online Resources?

This book of questions is meant to be fun and thought provoking. So, discover how you really feel about your interests, skills, talents, and goals in life. One question will lead to another.

About The Author: Christine M. Hand-Gonzales, Ed.D., has spent the last 25 years as a professional college planning consultant, instructor, high school college counselor, and registered therapist. Her work with high school juniors and seniors focuses on career exploration and college counseling. Dr. Hand-Gonzales is a graduate of St. Lawrence University (NY) where she received a B.A. in Art Education and Economics. She earned a Masters in Counseling Education from the University of Bridgeport (CT), and a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University (FL). She was an instructor and content developer for UCLA's online College Counseling Certificate Program and provides college search and admissions advice through her consulting service, and on her blog and website, www.College-Path.com.

See Inside "A Book of Questions to Jumpstart Your Career Search" by Christine Hand-Gonzales, Ed.D. on Amazon - ebook version $4.99 and in paperback for $9.99.  Other books by Dr. Christine Hand-Gonzales include "College Bound: Proven Ways to Plan and Prepare for Getting Into the College of Your Dreams," the companion workbook, "My College Bound Plan," "Paying for College Without Breaking the Bank -- The Ultimate Student, Parent, and Educator Guide to Over 500 Verified Links to Financial Aid and Scholarship Resources," and "Your College Planning Survival Guide: Smart Tips from Students, Parents, and Professionals Who Made It Through."

Customer Reviews:

“You won’t find the answers until you ask the questions. I used this book as a way to journal about my thoughts and ideas. A fun way to think of the career search. Get started and ask away!” - STUDENT

“A great way to start a conversation! I used this with my students in our career and college guidance group. Every counselor should have one of these books in their toolkit!” - COUNSELOR

“This book helped me get organized. It was written in a format that took me from one step to the next. A true exercise for my brain!” - STUDENT

“You will get out of it what you put into it. Take your time, test your personal insight, and discover what is important to you. Excellent for young teens, young adults, and adults looking for that encore career!” - PARENT

“You will be amazed at what you learn about yourself! A very interesting, yet easy book to read and comprehend. Reading this book is like having one-to-one career counseling, but a much less expensive!” - STUDENT

“These questions are not meant to have the ‘right’ answers. They stimulate discussion and reflection. A great way to explore what’s inside yourself!” - COUNSELOR

“This book gives you permission to ask questions, a way to orient oneself, and a way to begin. And a beginning is two-thirds of the battle.” -  PARENT

“Amazingly, this informative tool takes you through a concise step-by-step process to first realize and assess your OWN values and self-worth, before presenting yourself after high school, college to the professional working world." – COUNSELOR

A Book of Questions to Jumpstart Your Career Search
by Christine Hand-Gonzales, Ed.D.

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