Central Valley Events Managers Travel to Leadership Conference

FRESNO, CA – Team leaders from Central Valley Events came away from a national meeting of innovators in interactive marketing inspired and motivated.
Central Valley Events
Central Valley Events
FRESNO, Calif. - June 24, 2014 - PRLog -- Many of the top contributors to Central Valley Events’ ongoing success recently took advantage of a prime opportunity to share their insights on what it takes to be a leader in the field of on-site brand promotions. These key team members took part in a national leadership conference during the first weekend of June 2014, and they also used the experience to learn from other attendees.

Best practices were discussed, and techniques for advancing the firm’s approach to building brand affiliation and loyalty were analyzed. The representatives from Central Valley Events also learned how competitors were maximizing the benefits of social media and experiential marketing at gatherings around the country.

Why Central Valley Events Values Conference Travel

Central Valley Events’ explanation of its mission statement includes the sentence: “We want every team member to achieve professional and personal milestones while working for our company.” Encouraging attendance at leadership conferences and facilitating frequent interactions with peers outside the office helps Central Valley Events’ leadership meet that commitment.

According to Sean, the firm’s director of operations, it is unlikely anyone could learn everything he or she needs to know to succeed in interactive marketing by only completing in-house training. He said, “No single mentor is likely to possess every valuable skill or inspiring vision. Simply put, travel broadens people’s perspectives. It is often difficult to spend time with others who have had different experiences without learning new ideas and picking up helpful habits.”

Dedication to professional development also stems from the firm’s mission statement that states, “We believe that the growth of our team members is mirrored in the growth of our clients.” This acknowledges that those individuals with the sharpest skills, broadest visions, and greatest openness to new ideas and strategies will consistently provide clients with the most outstanding service. In other words, continual learning is essential.

While conference travel often gets caricatured as a glorified holiday taken at the company’s expense, Central Valley Event team members seize each chance to attend a professional meeting as the invaluable learning and growth opportunity it truly is.

About Central Valley Events

Industry expertise and specialization allows the marketing managers of Central Valley Events to plan and carry out onsite promotions and events that consistently exceed clients’ expectations for rapid growth. Cutting-edge, interactive experiences with a brand are at the forefront of every marketing campaign implemented by Central Valley Events. This ensures each client’s investment produces not just high revenues and excellent returns on investments, but also builds strong and lasting bonds with people in ideal demographics. No matter how big or new the brand being represented, each team member at Central Valley Events brings an overwhelming desire to succeed in client collaboration.

Central Valley Events

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