NJ Environmental Co. Remediates Contaminated Commercial Sites Using Natural " Microbes"

High tech Microbial Bio Remediation helps New Jersey Property owners remediate petroleum contaminated site quickly and at reduced expense. Now is the time to remediate and sell your property.
SOUTH PLAINFIELD, N.J. - June 17, 2014 - PRLog -- New Jersey commercial real estate market is i coming back to life. That closed former gas station property or commercial manufacturing site may be worth millions to a new breed of property investors. Clean-ups that were considered too expensive are now practical with use of  Bio Remediation Microbes. Together with Environmental Systems team of LSRP's can remediate  a site in months compared to years with the classical excavation of contaminated soil and ground water treatment using 30 year old technologies. There are many new remediation products on the market but very few are proven or tested in New Jersey. Environmental Systems has been remediating contaminated sites over 20 years with specialization in petroelum contaminated soils of commercial properties. BIo Remediation uses natural anerobic media to break down petroleum products into less complicated carbon chains ths allowing quicker remediation. Environmental Systems advises customers this advanced technology product may not be effective at all sites. Soil and ground water environmental conditions at the site must be monitored along with environmental chemical conditions to provide a optimum biological reaction environment for the microbes to provided the intended remediation outcome. Environmental Systems is a full service company that uses in house resources rather hired sub contractors. Environmental Systems also provides " Due Diligence " services for potential property buyers that include ISRA compliance, property Assessment, Phase I and Phase II environmental investigations.

To obtain additional information regarding Bio Remediation, contact Environmental Systems at 732-892-8707 or visit our website at depenvirosystems.com

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