LPS Announces Support for IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - June 16, 2014 - PRLog -- Language Portability Solutions, Inc. (LPS (http://www.languageportability.com/#_blank)) announces that their COBOL to C# migration solution’s support of Microsoft’s SQL Server has now been enhanced to support any .NET data provider using the generic System.Data.Common namespace classes. This allows migrated programs to have a common interface to all .NET providers.

A .NET data provider is a collection of classes used to access a database. Supported providers include IBM DB2 LUW, Oracle, ODBC and OLEDB in addition to SQL Server. The classes in System.Data.Common give developers a way to write ADO.NET code that will work against all .NET Framework data providers.

A recent project utilized these generic classes to access IBM DB2 LUW. According to Robert Camacho, LPS’s Director of Software Development, "In addition to providing a choice of databases, the use of the common generic interface will allow users to more easily switch database in the future should that becomes necessary”.

About LPS
Founded in 2009, LPS specializes in the automated translation of IBM enterprise and enterprise-compatible COBOL applications into well organized and maintainable C# programs at a fraction of the cost and risk of manual rewriting. LPS also offers: a web transaction server for CICS replacement, conversion of BMS Maps to MVC Models/Views, general JCL translations as well as VSAM and DB2 to SQL Server database migration.

Anthony Tomaino

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