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HILLSBORO, Ore. - June 14, 2014 - PRLog -- Dennis A. Perry, N.D. , has been welcomed into his new practice location in Hillsboro at just the time primary care physicians are in short supply due the advent of the Affordable Care Act.  He is a naturopathic physician, licensed by the State of Oregon as a primary care provider.  As a naturopathic physician, Dr. Perry knows health is more than a lack of illness.  Conditions which present as fatigue, pain, depression, brain fog, lack of motivation, shortness of breath, sexual dysfunction, reproductive concerns and issues always have underlying conditions which must be identified and corrected.   Suppressing symptoms, while possibly giving short term relief,  almost always results in problems popping up elsewhere in the body, masquerading as some other condition.  To achieve a state of wellness, the patient must team up with the doctor to identify the obstacles to health, removing and correcting them, so the underlying condition can be fully addressed and corrected.  This allows symptoms to be permanently eliminated.

Treating the whole person:  Most often, health problems result from nutritional deficits, emotional detachments due to earlier trauma, withdrawal from family and community, and confusion about spiritual matters - as well as exposure idnho to environmental toxins.  Genetic factors are often believed to be determinate in whether disease states prevail or not, but it is known that by changing one’s environment both internally and externally will affect positively and negatively the genetic component.

Dr. Perry has a passion for reversing type 2 diabetes and helping men recover from hormonal deficiency, in addition to treating people who happen to have other long standing, or chronic issues.   He has been able to help patients who have been from doctor to doctor for years, never having had their underlying conditions addressed.  It is often impossible to find complete relief resulting from a ten minute doctor’s appointment.

Dr. Perry is actively addressing and treating men with concerns around hormone deficiency, a condition which is now so common that we see medicines advertised on tv during the dinner hour to “fix” these problems.  They are often brought on by repeated toxic environmental insults over the life of the man:   everything from exposure to workplace toxins, plastic and pesticide residues in food, to mental stress and inefficient lifestyle choices.  These and other stressors reduce a person’s ability to maintain healthy sex and other hormone levels.  Addressing these insults, learning how to mitigate them, and stimulating or replacing hormone deficit has extensive health implications like cardiovascular health, longevity, resistance to cancers, and mental and emotional health.

People who are interested in restoring themselves to a healthy state usually realize that a doctor cannot bestow health by writing a prescription.  Medicine is a team effort, and requires work on both the part of the patient and the doctor.

Using a fully modern diagnostic approach and fully integrative medical philosophy, Dr. Perry welcomes you to discover how much better you can feel – for the rest of a person’s healthy life.

Dr. Perry offers a complimentary ten-minute consultation by phone or in person.  People always learn something of value whether or not they choose to establish a patient – doctor relationship.

Future plans include nutrition and body movement workshops at Rose Springs to help kick-start a diabetes reversal regimen, which also works great for routine, day to day wellness programs.

For further information, to book an appointment or a complimentary consult, please call 503. 693. 9101 or visit us at to book on-line.

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