What Happens When You Combine Data And Marketing?

Integration between Benutech’s ReboGateway and Corefact Proves to Provide Streamlined Effective Marketing and Lead Solutions for the Real Estate Industry
By: Benutech, Inc.
Rebogateway's data integrates Corefact's marketing
Rebogateway's data integrates Corefact's marketing
IRVINE, Calif. - June 13, 2014 - PRLog -- Irvine, CA – Benutech, Inc., the provider of ReboGateway, a data, lead generation and farming software solution, and Corefact, a company that uses advanced printing and online technology to provide the real estate industry with marketing solutions, have integrated their unique and complimentary products. The result of this connection provides real estate agents with simple ways to utilize the “best in class” combination of data and marketing available to the industry to date.

ReboGateway offers a data system for real estate brokers and agents looking to grow their business by acquiring more real estate listings. ReboGateway provides reliable data on life events that are matched to property that can be associated with much higher levels of home sales. These opportunities are in the form of divorce, probate, or eviction filings. They also include FSBO or estate sale listings, as well as, mortgage defaults or tax defaults. Knowing the addresses where these life events are occurring provides a very real and distinct edge that agents would otherwise not know were available. This relevant data allows agents to focus their efforts on the homeowners that are more likely to sell, saving agents considerable time and money.

The Corefact Enterprise web-based marketing platform is an industry-leading source for real estate brokerages, powering the marketing efforts of many of the country’s largest brands. The service makes the agents more effective in their direct marketing and lead generation while enabling the broker to control the company’s brand and professional image. Corefact provides enterprise design and print services branded specifically for the broker. Through this platform the broker can offer his or her agents hundreds of postcard and flyer options as well as branded newsletters and business cards with automated print and mail fulfillment. This provides the broker an enhanced recruiting value, more productive agents, and a competitive advantage over the competition.

ReboGateway’s lead and farming tools data can now be directly uploaded into the Corefact high-quality and high-tech marketing solutions system seamlessly. This newly built export function allows for lead records to be moved from ReboGateway into the user’s Corefact account in the format needed to immediately process and mail.  This new feature eliminates the need for exporting, importing and mapping the columns of imported data.  An agent simply identifies and saves a farm in ReboGateway and the farms export directly to Corefact by selecting “Live Farm,” click on “Manage” (Farms), and then the “Export” link.  A Corefact password is entered to authorize the data export, then an agent selects if they want to “Create a new farm” or “Update records on a previous farm.” The records export pre-mapped to Corefact and are ready to mail.

“This integration will be very beneficial to both our customers and the Corefact customers’.  The Corefact system and ReboGateway’s data go together like peanut butter and chocolate.  They really are a perfect match. This is a win, win for the real estate agent utilizing our systems,” explains Brian Fox, Director of Business Development.  “Many agents’ waste time and money marketing to large farm areas, not knowing what kind of returns they will have on their investment.   Agents can now target probable sellers with ReboGateway data and use the Corefact system to capitalize on the data targets.  With these integrated systems, not only can agents cut their expenses by up to half, but they can also increase their effectiveness five to 10 times by targeting probable homeowners most likely to sell property with a top class marketing system.”

About Benutech, Inc.

Benutech, Inc. was founded in 2010 with the commitment and dedication to revolutionizing the Real Estate industry through the creation and implementation of the most advanced and intuitive technological platforms in the industry.  These innovative platforms include ReboGateway for lead generation and data solutions, ReboCollab for paperless transaction management, and TitleToolbox for farming searches.  By taking on the viewpoint of our clients and their needs, Benutech can build the tools needed to grow the most streamlined, efficient, and productive business model available.

For more information on Benutech, please contact Brian Fox, Director of Business Development:
714-580-8099, brian@benutech.com, http://www.benutech.com

About Corefact

Corefact, based in Hayward, CA, is a privately held company providing sales organizations and sales people with a complete marketing solution that leverages state-of-the-art conversion tools and timely data driven content – both online and offline – that engage customers and convert prospects. The Corefact patent-pending marketing solutions help generate leads, build relationships and promote products and services using a one-to-one approach, matching multiple unique data points to create a personalized experience for the consumer. Combined with market-timed content and unique tracking codes, the company’s systems are able to generate unprecedented response and conversion rates utilizing the best of direct mail and web technology.

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