CrowdNetworking: The New Frontier of Business 'Match-Making'

Crowdentify Mobile App Utlilizes Location Aware Mobile Technology, Collaborative Filtering and Beacons to 'Identify' High Value Target Market Prospects in the 'Crowd'. Crowdnetworking takes the pain and fear out of traditional business networking.
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Tom McMurrain - Father of CrowdNetworking
Tom McMurrain - Father of CrowdNetworking
ATLANTA - June 11, 2014 - PRLog -- For less than $3,000, Tom McMurrain, founder of CrowdNetworker, secured something very unique in what experts predict to be a multi-billion dollar space in the business discovery and networking industry. McMurrain has trademarked proprietary terminology and is developing an ambient mobile app with dynamic intelligence that will make business networking easier and more lucrative. His vision is to “mash-up” the activity of offline business networking with location-aware online technology. This ‘first-mover’ business “matchmaking” app will offer the most effective and efficient methodologies available in business discovery and networking.

"CrowdNetworker, an Atlanta-based technology firm, will launch an ambient location aware crowdnetworking app that will match businesses with the prospects, products and services they need – before they know they need them." - Tom McMurrain, Founder of CrowdNetworker and Virtuoso of CrowdNetworking

The ambient and collaborative filtering technology to create what McMurrain is calling “Crowdentify” is being utilized in several industries however, the dynamic ‘match-making’ algorithm and proprietary terminology is very unique to his company.  “The app is in the laboratory now.  The goal now is to identify and connect with the right sales partners, evangelists, and business organizations to create awareness of this free app.  The core focus is to produce a solution that connects people who are most likely to do business with each other.  How that happens,” says McMurrain, “well, that is the magic of dynamic technology and an intimate understanding of the business networking and discovery process.

Taking the pain and fear out the business and networking discovery process is the purpose of Crowdentify.” There could be a thousand people in the room but only five of them would be ideal candidates for you to speak to. Crowdentify will search the ‘crowd’ and ‘identify’ them for you. has made finding the perfect partner easier and CrowdNetworker will make finding new business, strategic partnerships, employees and funding easier...

The inspiration for the term 'crowdnetworking' and the app came from an event McMurrain was hosting, an internet marketing conference live from his home on a weekend with 50 people in attendance and 900 more tuned-in to a Google Hangout video stream.  While observing the event, the words “crowd” and “networking” came to mind. “I kept being reminded of the old commercial which showed how chocolate and peanut butter were combined (mash-up) to produce the endlessly popular Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.” Now the words ‘crowd’ and ‘networking’ have produced a brand new proprietary industry term, and his new business venture CrowdNetworker.

“Having the opportunity to define an industry term like Jimmy Wales did in the ‘Wiki’ space and Sergey Brin and Larry Page did with Google is exciting, especially since it’s tied to business networking and discovery opportunities,” said McMurrain.

That same weekend, McMurrain, ‘Googled’ his new term and found no search results relevant to “crowd networking” or “crowdnetworking.”  At first, he thought he had misspelled the words.  Next, he searched Wikipedia but no results were found.  The next obvious step was to see if the domains were available. Unbelievably, they were. The last step was the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to file the trademarks on crowdnetworkTM, crowdnetworking and CrowdNetworker. Thus, a new business vertical emerged. Its creation has inspired groundbreaking new technology along with investment opportunities to help develop it.

Here’s how the app works: It’s like having an aircraft radar-like system on your smart phone that can locate people within the same networking event or geographic area who are most likely to do business with you. It’s a mobile app that sorts the people at the event and alerts you and others to potential opportunities for business discovery.

An example of the power of the crowdnetworking app is John who’s in pharmaceutical sales, and David, a medical doctor, with a private practice; both are attending the same conference.  Both play golf, have ‘checked-in’ and eaten at Chops Steakhouse and Sea Island Cloister; they are each married with kids that attend the University of Georgia. The app being developed by CrowdNetworker will introduce these two people based on shared interests and traits – which can enhance and further a synergistic business relationship.

CrowdNetworking is a business discovery methodology that leverages the power of SOLOMO (Social, Local, Mobile) and selective filtering to connect people based on personal and professional algorithms to create business relationships. Envision professional profiles like those of Linkedin; a search algorithm like that of; and location aware technology similar to that used in Uber.

Ambient location technologies have been introduced in social networking space with Foursquares’ new spinoff Swarm and companies like Highlight, Placeme, Overnear and the popular Uber BlackCar app that connects people needing a ride to black cars sitting idle in their area. Crowd theory underlies these apps and has opened up this new frontier of development and investing in social and business networking. McMurrain, has set up the official Crowdnetowrking industry blog to begin educating people on how to use crowdnetworking to increase their business contacts and cashflow.

James Surowiecki, author of the The Wisdom of Crowds, brought the awareness of “Crowd Theory” into the mainstream media with his bestselling book.  Since then, entrepreneurs have exploited every angle of the “crowd” space and built billion dollar companies that have disrupted major industries.  When Jimmy Wales “mashed” crowdsourcing with a “wiki” software, he created Wikipedia, the largest online encyclopedia in the world.  Crowdfunding companies like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are combining the “power of the crowd” with venture capital and disrupting the venture capital industry by revolutionizing the way entrepreneurs fund startups.  McMurrain’s CrowdNetworker expects to do the same and welcomes interested investors to join the crowd.

To learn more about Crowdnetworking and be one of the first to download the app you can register your interest at the Crowdnetworking pre-launch website.

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