Health Alert: 3 Natural Ways For Making Bowel Movements Easier

Constipation is a health topic no one wants to discuss. Dr. Mark Drucker explains why strained bowel movements are so unhealthy – and 3 natural ways to make them easier!
Why bowel movements are so important for good health
Why bowel movements are so important for good health
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TORRANCE, Calif. - June 10, 2014 - PRLog -- Most people don’t want to chat about bowel movements over dinner. And most prefer not to think about what they’ve just done after flushing the toilet. Even the majority of doctors overlook this important area of health

But despite this distaste for discussing bowel movements, they shouldn’t be ignored.

“If your bowels aren’t operating properly, waste removal slows down – or even stops,” explains Dr. Mark Drucker, medical director at the Center for Advanced Medicine. “As this mass sits inside of you it ferments and spoils. Unfriendly bacteria multiply and produce noxious substances. This toxic brew is then absorbed back into the bloodstream. It circulates throughout your body and damages your other organs.”

Instead of helping the body stay clean and healthy, the bowels become a source of contamination and illness. Constipation can contribute to headaches, fatigue, depression, obesity and other problems. It can even lead to serious problems like colon cancer.

Unfortunately, most doctors consider one bowel movement every 3 days to be sufficient. In contrast, most natural health experts see 1-3 bowel movements a day as a sign of good health. Since people in general eat three times a day, the body should eliminate waste close to that schedule.

And here’s another surprising revelation that counters conventional advice . . .

Laxatives can make the problem worse. Laxatives can damage the nerves in your colon, interfering with signals telling the colon to contract and move waste down. Laxatives can also interfere with absorption of minerals like calcium and magnesium that are essential for bowel muscle and nerve health. While most doctors won’t acknowledge this, there are several alternative to laxatives.

“Most people know fiber is your colon’s best friend. But did you know why?” asks Dr. Drucker, “First, fiber adds bulk to your waste. This makes it easier for your bowel muscles to contract and move things down. But in addition to this, fiber performs another crucial role in your bowels. It feeds the friendly probiotic bacteria living in your colon. These bacteria turn fiber into a source of energy, butyric acid, used by both the bacteria and your colon cells. By feeding your colon cells, these bacteria help your colon cells stay healthy.”

Not only do they care for colon cells, these friendly probiotic bacteria also keep undesirable bacteria away. This helps reduce the toxic buildup in the bowels. In order to get more fiber, back off refined foods and try to eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

For some people, increased fiber in the diet isn’t enough to help their bowels ease up. But exercise may make the difference.

In one clinical trial conducted in Scandinavia, researchers sought evidence on whether physical activity could make a difference for people suffering from chronic constipation. All of the test subjects had tried eating more fiber and drinking more water – but to no avail.

However, exercise worked where these dietary changes didn’t. As part of the study, the participants walked 30 minutes a day and did a brief 11-minute set of exercises at home. And within 12 weeks of maintaining this activity, the study participants enjoyed an increased frequency in bowel movements. Exercise helped them finally gain relief.

“Finally, in addition to good fiber and exercise, I always recommend chlorella supplementation to my patients to help them with constipation and colon health. In a study at the Mimasake Women’s College in Japan, participants suffering from constipation took regular doses of chlorella. As a result, the participants enjoyed increased frequency of bowel movements, increased total stool amount and improved stool consistency.”

Other research has also shown chlorella can help with ulcerative colitis. In a small clinical study, chlorella extract and chlorella tablets taken over a two month period yielded consistent results. A final examination and interview revealed chlorella helped reduce inflammation and improved the patient’s comfort and wellbeing overall. Chlorella is clearly an exceptional nutrient for the colon.

Concludes Dr. Drucker: “Don’t ignore it if you’re always straining to go. That’s a sign that your body is having a hard time with one of its most important functions – getting rid of waste and toxins. Ignoring your bowel health can lead to more severe health consequences. And it’s much harder to fix your bowel problems when they’ve gotten serious. Early intervention is the key. Put these tactics to work. With them, you can help your bowel stay healthy or help it when it first shows signs of stress.”

For more 2 more natural bowel movement tactics or to learn more about chlorella, please go to

About Mark Drucker, M.D.

Dr. Mark Drucker earned his Medical degree and Bachelor of Sciences degree form the University of Tennessee. Dr. Drucker began his medical career 23 years ago specializing in nutritional and natural medicine. Dr. Drucker is co-host of the popular radio talk show "Health Talk, A Second Opinion," is a distinguished speaker on natural health topics, and is the co-founder and Medical Director of the Center for Advanced Medicine. He is a certified member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging medicine, the American Academy of General Physicians, and a Diplomat Candidate of the American Board of Chelation Therapy, as well as a fellow member of the American College for the Advancement of Medicine.

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