7 Kitchen Storage Solutions: How to Fit More in Less Space

If your kitchen is small, these kitchen storage solutions from our Atlanta GA home builders will help maximize your space. How to fit more in less space.
MARIETTA, Ga. - June 9, 2014 - PRLog -- 7 Kitchen Storage Solutions: How to Fit More in Less Space

The kitchen is one of, if not the most important room in most homes. In order for it to be as efficient as possible, the kitchen needs to be smartly designed so that every space is capable of being utilized to the fullest. Unfortunately, in a lot of older homes, kitchen storage wasn't a priority so it is left to the homeowner to come up with their own creative kitchen storage solutions.

Southland's Atlanta GA home builders know a thing or two about ingenious kitchen design. The following represents seven ways homeowners of older houses can fit more in less space.

Use a Rolling Cart "Island"

Spacious kitchens can easily accommodate an island for extra prep space and storage but smaller kitchens simply don't have the floor space for a permanent installation. Using a rolling cart can help solve that problem. This type of cart is portable, lightweight, and it can be parked up against the wall so it will be out of the way when not in use.

Use a Pot Rack

Pots and pans take up a lot of cabinet space. If you don't have the storage real estate for your pots and pans, install a wall or ceiling pot rack and your cookware will not only be out of the cabinets, but they'll be easier to find and reach.

Downsize the Appliances

If you're redesigning your small kitchen, then consider purchasing a slimline dishwasher or oven. This will allow you to incorporate more cabinets in your design.

Install Vertical Storage

If your kitchen is small, but your ceiling is high, then install additional cabinets above your existing ones for storing all of your lesser-used equipment and dishes. Install a library ladder, the type that rolls along a track and you'll have easy access to your lesser-used items.

Thin Spaces for Thin Storage

Most kitchens have slivers of "dead" spaces that can be turned into smart storage. These areas can be turned into slide-out spice racks or a convenient place to hold your baking sheets.

Install a Magnetic Knife Rack

Rather than using a bulky, counter space hogging knife block or filling up a drawer with your knives, install a magnetic knife rack on a wall near where you do most of your cutting, chopping, and slicing. This keeps your knives neatly organized, easy to reach, and out of harm's way.

Use the Back of Cabinet Doors

The cabinet under the sink can often become disorganized and inefficient. Using a hanger shelf on the back of the cabinet doors will give you easy and organized access to your under-counter essentials.

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