How EVERY Hotel, Condominium, and Apartment Can Make $100,000 Today

A simple solution that can make any facility large sums of cash -By Energy Expert William Davis
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June 6, 2014 - PRLog -- So you work or live at a hotel, condo, or apartment association... Or maybe you even manage or own one yourself ….BIG WHOOP!

What are you doing to help that facility use what it already has to make more money?  Chances are, you’re doing…nothing… or maybe you’ve decided to be a bit adventurous and “green conscientious,” so you’ve spent a few thousands dollars on LED Lights.

Again, good for you, but so what!

If you ask any billionaire from Palm Beach Island, Florida, to Beverly Hills, California, how they’ve made their fortunes, they’re going to tell you they did so via a RESIDUAL INCOME.  A residual income….! Why should they be the only ones fortunate enough to benefit from a proven business model!?!  Your facility is not a cheap heap of lumber, concrete, and plumbing… so why not easily implement something for good, something that will generate a residual income.

If there’s anything I can tell you from my years of studying large facilities, it’s that all facilities have a few things in common…

One: They all use electricity… Two: They all use water… and Three: They all have people that use A LOT of electricity and water.

Sooo…. Where am I going with this?

What if there’s a way you could capitalize from these “daily usage habits” and convert that usage into cash… No, not useless credits from our broke government, but cold, hard, and usable cash.

As surprising as it may sound, there actually is a way to do so, and I GUARANTEE your facility can make over one hundred grand with this one simple tip.

Look back up to my three point…now focus on just point number 2…

Chances are, you’ve always assumed your facility’s water bills are a FIXED COST… unable to be lowered at all… Sure, you could spend a fortune changing out toilet valves, installing aerators, reducing your lawn irrigation usage, blah blah blah… But, I’m here to tell you I recently have been impressed (and mind you, I’m not impressed often) with a new method that can cut your facility’s water bills substantially… without having to use any less water.

Wait… use the same amount of water…. But pay less for it?

Exactly… and up to 30% LESS!!

You see, (and here’s the important part) every commercial water meter out there, regardless of whether it’s at a house, hotel, hospital, or school, does an absolute terrible job at measuring the “turbulent flow of water”… a flow in which the water, and inherently mixed in air bubbles, are so violently forced throughout city pipes that they end up resembling water and air shaken up violently in a water bottle.  This crazy fiasco of a mess unfortunately CANNOT accurately be read by your water meter… so, you end up paying for way more water than you’re actually using.

Now, how does one combat this?  It’s not like you can just swap out your water meter for a “supergreenenergysolutionquickfix” meter… No… Your meter is issued by your city… so you’re stuck with it…. Great…


Believe it or not, you actually can take that “turbulent flow of water” …the very flow your commercial meter CANNOT read accurately… and convert it into a form that it CAN read accurately.


By installing a water turbulence reducer AFTER your water meter (and yes, I said after your water meter…), you actually can change that “turbulent flow of water” into a “laminar flow of water,” a flow similar to a see-through stream of water slowly coming out of your kitchen faucet.

This new water flow can now be accurately read by your water meter.

The results…?

10, 15, or even a 35% reduction in your water meter’s readings…

Amazing, I know!

Even better, these “water turbulence reducers” pay for themselves extremely fast.  How fast? The average payback in less than one year… One Year!!  That means every subsequent year of savings is pure profit in your pocket.

What are the implications…? Your facility uses the same amount of water it always has, but now, it’s achieving $5-10-100 thousand dollars in savings every year… savings you never thought your could have!

And that’s how your facility can make it big!

I’m assuming many of you may be extremely intrigued by this seemingly “magical solution,” so I figured I’d lead you to my good friend David to answer the many questions you most likely have… he can also help you get one of these reducers as well.

I’m a huge advocate of LinkedIn, so here is his contact info:

Also, feel free to reach him at 908.878.9772.

Thanks for reading and happy savings!!

David Leonard
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