World Cup 2014 is swiftly moving in on us, The IXL Company look at darker sides of the event

7 days, 168 hours, 10,080 minutes until the World Cup 2014 Brazil kicks off and not only football fans, but anyone and everyone is excitedly standing by waiting for the games to begin. The Ixl Company investigates the ‘darker’ side the World cup.
CANARY WHARF, U.K. - June 5, 2014 - PRLog -- The World Cup undoubtedly is an event loved and celebrated across the world, with highs, lows, love and tears and all sorts of emotions involved from football fans across the world. However not everyone is as excited about the World Cup, being held in Brazil this 2014, as they should be. Thousands of reports have appeared in recent days and weeks of ticket, accommodation and flight scams. “It is such a shame that people feel the need to bring down such a positive and fun event by selling fake tickets and accommodation for the 2014 World Cup and scamming beloved football fans” says Sam Mouden, Managing Director of The Ixl Company. Some people have been reported to pay almost four thousand pounds for tickets and flights which never materialized due to scams, which alone is frustrating, however for many, this is the only money they had and now they can no longer attend the World Cup 2014 in South America.

One of the bigger fears surrounding these scams is that if England do progress, more and more fans will be wanting to travel to Brazil to watch the games, giving fraudsters even more of an opportunity to scam football fans with fake advertising, flights and tickets. “The more we progress, which hopefully we do the more worry of an increase in fraud. Brits really need to check up on their holiday, flight and ticket providers before making any plans or handing over any money, even if tickets come from a trusted source or friend, it is just not worth the risk or the money!” says Emma, Receptionist at The Ixl Company. According to ABTA, Association of British Travel Agents, only 1 in 10 travelers check their travelling organization before handing over money, which is extremely risky considering the huge amount of fraudulent cases surrounding the world cup that have appeared in the last 12 months. “The amount of cases of fraudulent tickets and flights have soared in the last few weeks and this is only going to get worse, football fans planning on travelling are strongly urged to check every aspect of a booking before going ahead so that they can really enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity” says Sam Mouden, Managing Director of The Ixl Company.

Fraud is not the only issue British football fans are facing. With just 7 days to go, two of Britain’s largest foreign exchange suppliers have told BBC 5live that they are short on Brazilian Real, Brazilian currency, as demand has risen so high. Travelex at both Heathrow and Manchester airports have run out after an incredible 1000% rise in demand with the Post Office which offers travel money to over 11,000 branches has said it won’t have Brazilian Real until the weekend. “The World Cup is supposed to help boost the economy of Brazil with the hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting this summer for the World Cup, but it looks like Brits will be arriving penniless at this rate, especially those travelling in the next few days, which probably won’t help the economy at all!” says Emma, receptionist at The Ixl Company.

It isn’t all bad news, majority of football fans attending the World Cup 2014 in Brazil this year have booked their flights, accommodation and tickets safely with registered and secure travel organisations. Those not able to go will be enjoying the busy pubs and bars of London and the UK to watch in crowds of fellow fans in, what we hope, will be a sunny few weeks of British summer and some winning mathes. Whether you are going to Brazil or simply watching from home, the World Cup is almost here and the whole country is waiting in anticipation for the start.

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