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Patton Pros Lawn Maintenance - Monument, CO
Patton Pros Lawn Maintenance - Monument, CO
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - June 5, 2014 - PRLog -- Patton Professional Lawn & Landscapes was established in 2010 with a defined goal of providing the front range with excellent quality, amazing service, and affordable prices for all of their landscaping needs.   Providing quality lawn mowing and landscaping to Monument and Colorado Springs residents and commecial businesses.

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Patton Pros Professionals Overview
Many homeowners need efficient lawn care services. Mowing the lawn is a requirement because a properly maintained lawn provides numerous benefits. Homeowners usually contact the best lawn care companies. The best company will have various awards and a lawn mowing monument. A lawn mowing monument is used to increase sales.

When a lawn is cut properly, a property gains cosmetic benefits. Professional lawn care technicians should be hired often. Lawn care technicians use various lawn care tools that keep grass short, even, and neat.

Why Homeowners Hire Patton Pros Professionals Serving Colorado Springs When They Need Commercial Lawn Maintenance Services

Lawn care employees have a goal. The goal is to use the best equipment so that a lawn grows healthy. Healthy grass should be very green. When technicians use the best procedures, the company gets a lawn mowing monument.

A lawn will reaction differently depending on the products that are used. Without maintenance, grass will not grow efficiently. If lawn care services are not used throughout the year, the lawn will enter a resting mode. When this happens, the density of the grass will be affected, and the root system will have serious problems. In addition, insects and weeds will cause major problems. This is why commercial lawn maintenance is needed.

Turf grass is a great option, but it must grow in well-drained areas. The soil must have a lot of organic content and various nutrients. In most areas, the soil is not ideal for turf. An area that has inefficient soil will need plenty of water, food, and numerous commercial lawn maintenance procedures. Other professional lawn care services should also be used. A core aeration service is recommended because it will help the root system.

Patton Pros Technicians Using Professional Procedures When Mowing A Lawn

When homeowners cut grass using the wrong techniques, they slowly damage their equipment. For example, if an engine does not operate a full efficiency, the lawn mower will work harder. Also, if a blade is dull, it will not cut the grass cleanly; a dull blade sheds grass. After a dull blade cuts grass, there will be militated grass on the blade. Each time the mower is used, the militated grass will drop on the lawn. The militated grass will affect the lawn’s appearance because it will turn brown over time. When Patton Pros technicians cut grass, the mowers always have sharp blades and well-maintained engines.

The Length Of The Grass

The length of the grass is very important. The length determines the lawn’s overall health. Patton Pros technicians cut grass a third above the length of the blades. After the lawn is cut, the glass will be about two inches tall. Professional mowers understand that grass does not grow from the tips. Instead, it grows from the crown. Patton Pros Professionals serving Colorado Springs never cut into the crown.

Mowing Procedures Used By Patton Pros Professionals Serving Colorado Springs

A lawn should be mowed based on the weather conditions in the area. The kind of grass can also determine how often mowing is required. In most cases, a traditional lawn should be cut once a week.


Why Use Patton Pros

Patton Professional Lawn & Landscapes

We work on each individual property as if it were our own, using all of our knowledge, experience, and passion to bring you a green, thick, amazing looking lawn. All of our employees have years of experience landscaping and maintaining healthy lawns in Colorado's unique climate, the results of that is in the quality of service we bring to your lawn. Patton Professional Lawn Services strives to provide the highest quality customer service and customer satisfaction, your happiness is our guarantee.


Our primary focus is satisfying our customers with all the services we provide, but we truly wanted to seperate our company from the rest by:

Providing maintenance customers with a "Monthly Lawn Anlysis", which evaluates all the areas of your lawn to assure, and further enhance the value of your property- This evaluation of course is free to our maintenance clients.

Providing unmatched customer service with Live Chat Online, Quick Email Responses, and Phone Support

Providing easy, and multiple payment options such as; Automatic billing, Pay Online, Pay with PayPal, Accepting all major Credit/Debit cards during our service, Accepting Credit/Debit cards over the phone, Accepting Checks, Accepting E-Checks, and pay with a bank account.

Providing organic applications that are 100% safe for pets, children, and the environment, and still are effective.  Monument, Colorado Springs.

Go to our website for all services and specials!  Call us today to go over the needs of your house or business and the solution we can provide!

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Patton Pros Employees

Crews at Patton Professionals are highly knowledgable in the services they are providing, the equipment they are running, and know the quality of work expected from them. A great lawn service starts with a crew that is safe, knowledgeable, and dedicated to its work.

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