Autoimmunity, Autism & Asthma May be Triggered by Acetaminophen, Amalgams, or Aluminum

The MMR vaccine does not contain mercury (thimerosal). However, other vaccinations given at the same time contain aluminum, and multiple doses of acetaminophen are usually given after most vaccinations. Could they be the triggers for autism?
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June 4, 2014 - PRLog -- What causes autoimmunity or autism?  One chapter in a new book by Barbara Lougheed titled Tired Thyroid:  From Hyper to Hypo to Healing—Breaking the TSH Rule presents some novel answers to that question.  Xenobiotics (compounds that are foreign to the human body) may trigger autoimmunity, autism, and asthma in individuals with genetic detoxification enzyme deficiencies.  These enzymes process and eliminate any drugs (acetaminophen), infections (bacteria or viruses), chemicals, or metals (aluminum or mercury/thimerosal) from the body.  If the body is incapable of effectively processing out these xenobiotics, then autoimmunity or autism may result from the toxic metabolites they create.

Sulfation is a liver detoxification enzyme pathway used to process/eliminate drugs from the body such as acetaminophen.  If the sulfation pathway is impaired for any reason, then food additives, sulfites, metals, and acetaminophen will cause a physical reaction in the body, such as hives or asthma.   Some studies show that both autistic children and their mothers have abnormal detoxification pathways.  Allergies, asthma, and hives are common ailments in those with autism.

Circumcised newborn boys given acetaminophen in multiple doses over a 24-hour time period may not be able to process the high, cumulative dose, partly because of immature detoxification pathways.  Those who are born with an abnormal sulfation pathway may be at even more risk.  The practice of giving acetaminophen after circumcision began in the mid-1990s.  Circumcised boys would receive far more acetaminophen than girls, and this may explain the higher autism rate in boys than girls if acetaminophen is a trigger for autism.

Autism cases have increased since the 1980s, which coincides with the increase in acetaminophen usage after the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) declared aspirin unsafe for children, because it could induce a condition called Reye’s syndrome.  Children are given multiple vaccinations before they’re two years old, and acetaminophen is the standard remedy for any pain and discomfort following any shot.  By the time a child receives the MMR vaccination, they will already have received 19 other shots and multiple doses of acetaminophen, if they followed the U.S. recommended immunization schedule.  Some of these other vaccinations also contain aluminum, and the body uses the same sulfation pathway for elimination as acetaminophen.  The cumulative load of acetaminophen, aluminum, and thimerosal (found in some, but not all vaccines) may be overwhelming the detoxification systems of those who are born with abnormal sulfation or other detoxification pathways.

There are more cases today of autism at birth, which cannot be blamed on vaccinations.  However, the CDC recommends flu shots to all pregnant women (which does contain thimerosal).  In addition, acetaminophen prescriptions for fever and pain during pregnancy are standard.  Theoretically, exposure to any xenobiotic during pregnancy could be a risk factor, especially if the mother also has abnormal detoxification enzyme pathways.

Ms. Lougheed’s research initially focused on mercury’s role, if any, on thyroid autoimmunity.   However, her research led her to conclude that there’s a common basis for autoimmunity, autism, and asthma— detoxification enzyme deficiencies.  This results in a buildup of toxic metabolites in the body, which can then cause dysfunction in various tissues, such as the thyroid gland or developing brain.  For example, after receiving mercury dental amalgams, those with mercury sensitivity may develop autoimmunity and become hypersensitive to other vapors, foods, and chemicals.   Not everyone is sensitive to mercury, in the same way that not everyone is sensitive to sulfites.  Likewise, most people do not have sulfation processing defects.  But for those who do, dental amalgams and vaccinations may be problematic.  Ideally, tests will be developed that can determine who has these enzyme deficiencies.

“Autoimmunity, Autism, and Asthma May be Triggered by Acetaminophen, Amalgams, or Aluminum” is a chapter with over 60 references in the new book Tired Thyroid:  From Hyper to Hypo to Healing—Breaking the TSH Rule by Barbara Lougheed.  It is available on amazon:

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