Course Feedback Systems Planning

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MELBOURNE, Australia - June 3, 2014 - PRLog -- Topic: Course Feedback Systems Planning

Executive Summary

The objective of this paper is to prepare a Business Systems Planning for My State University. The feedback would help the senior management of the My State University to be in a better position to both understand the requirements of the students and also for providing those services that closely matches their needs. The objective of an academic institution is to craft better civilians for the future. Thus, in order to that effectively, one needs to understand their requirements clearly and this is indeed the first step towards the same. The paper begins with a brief introduction of the objectives of the report and then moves to the main part of the report which is called the Planning for the Feed Back Page. The last parts of the report contain a set ode commendations for the senior management of the organization and a brief conclusion that ties the content of the report together.

Table of Contents

Introduction. 1

Planning for the Feed Back Page. 1

Recommendation. 3

Conclusion. 3

References. 4

Facebook has become an interesting tool for marketers in the contemporary times. It is used by the marketers to promote their products and is also used as a tool for market research. This paper explains the scenario for My State University which has the objective of gaining valuable insights from its students in form of feedback related to their course materials, feedback provided to assessments and conducting assessment tasks.

Planning for the Feed Back Page
The three main points focused for getting the required feedback from the students include feedback on the course material provided, feedback on the assessment tasks and feedback on quality of marking handed over to the student after their respective task.

Face Book as a medium is indeed a very strategic way of encouraging the students to provide their feedback. Most well known brands in the contemporary tically; hence what is preferred by them currently is likely to be continued for a period of time. Thu, all the future decisions pertaining to the feedback must be incorporated while providing feedback on the results of the students, on proving study materials to the students and also for conducting assessments etc (Warhus 2011).

It is recommended to the My State University that the first step is to create awareness about the feedback form. The senior management must consider the option of pasting information on the notice boards. They can also send e-mails to the respective students about the feedback form which they can fill. The management must understand that all these efforts are potentially an investment for better results tomorrow by serving the students in an efficient manner (Warhus 2011).

This paper has highlighted the importance of research for any particular task that has to be accomplished. It is often seen that a product or a service fails as due market research was not performed which was related and required for that task to be given a proper shape. Using the existing opportunities in the market place is yet another identified important factor in this report. This proposal that has been identified in the report makes use of the famous social networking website which has turned out to be an essential tool for the marketers in the commercial world globally and the same has been shown in the report (Warhus 2011).

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