Breakthrough Technology Increases A Pitchers Fastball More Than 4 MPH In 10 Days

In a recent study, Dallas Peak Performance and Rehab used the patented POV technology and proprietary training protocols on a Texas Tech pitcher, increasing his velocity over 4 MPH in under 10 days. More importantly he was able to maintain velocity for entire games without soreness or fatigue.
DALLAS - June 2, 2014 - PRLog -- Has Texas based Dallas Peak Performance and Rehab found Ponce DeLeon’s fountain of youth for baseball pitchers worldwide? Not only has this cutting edge clinic been at the forefront in eliminating the need for Tommy John surgery (14 cases eliminated thus far), but it is now able to increase a pitchers velocity by over 4 MPH in under 2 weeks training them from a neurological perspective using the patented POV technology. The same technology that creator Jay Schroeder has used over the past several years on more than 2,000 of the world’s most elite professional athletes.

“The patented POV technology that Jay Schroeder has created is by the far the most advanced sports performance training tool of its kind. Absolutely nothing comes close. His clientele speaks for itself with players like Stanley Cup Champion MVP Jonathan Toews,  Gold Medal Olympians, elite NFL and MLB Players and everyone in between. We asked him to create proprietary training protocols for the POV that would not only elevate a pitchers fastball but just as importantly, allow them to maintain this speed for entire games. He did this with several major League pitchers, one in particular adding 5 MPH to his fastball by training on the POV without ever throwing a pitch. Well, he designed a program for us and we tested it out on pitchers with a 100% success rate.  Our most recent being a Texas Tech pitcher who went from 88 MPH to as high as 94MPH in some cases but for the most part maintained 90+MPH for entire games. Without soreness or fatigue. At that point, we knew this was the wave of the future for pitchers everywhere”, Dallas Peak Performance Managing Partner Mark McClure stated.

The POV Sport technology, invented by elite sports performance coach Jay Schroeder, neurologically strengthens and trains the athletes nervous system, the foundation that drives physical performance, allowing their agonist and antagonist muscles to work in synch and maximize speed and strength to levels physical training could never replicate.

“By training on the POV and the proprietary protocols, we are able to train the antagonist and agonist muscles to work in synch. For example when 1lb of force is absorbed in 1/10th of a second on the biceps, we are able to neurologically train the triceps to absorb that same load of force in that same timeframe, making them more explosive, more efficient, injury resistant and able to create more force than traditional training could never replicate. This type of neurological conditioning allows us to train a pitcher to increase velocity at a much, much faster pace than the training they are doing right now and most importantly maintain it for entire games without fatigue or soreness because the agonist and antagonist muscles are firing in synch”, McClure added.

Arguably the NHL’s top player, Chicago Blackhawk Jonathan Toews has credited this technology with elevating his career to elite levels, allowing him to play at a very high level for entire games without fatigue. NFL linebacker Karlos Dansby recently signed a $54 million contract with the Cleveland Browns after training with Schroeder and the POV last season, allowing him to lead the team in almost all defensive stats.

“Oh yeah. If I gave you a list of the players that use this technology and protocols behind the scenes you would be blown away.  Olympic medalist hockey teams, European pro soccer players, top NFL quarterbacks, NHL players, top Major League ball players, the list goes on. We have now partnered with Jay to bring this to the forefront of sports and use this as the tool to eliminate the need for harmful PED’s. The POV and protocols are as potent if not more effective than harmful drugs and give you longer term results. Imagine being a pitcher who can now throw 91 or 92 MPH or more for entire games when he used to be sub 90’s? That’s the difference between a college scholarship or pro contract and an everyday player. That’s what we are able to do.  As a pitcher you are born with the ability to throw hard, we simply train your nervous system to allow it to happen physically in a way traditional training is unable to do. And we train you to maintain that velocity for longer durations of time without pain and without fatigue. This going to reshape the landscape for pitching everywhere”, McClure ended.

Dallas Peak Performance and Rehab selectively trains and rehab’s pitchers at their clinic in Allen, Texas and downtown Dallas.  Top high school and college pitchers travel hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles to see head therapist Paula Wallem to rehab their arm and eliminate the need for surgery.  Now the clinic is seeing an increased flow of pitchers wanting to take their velocity to the next level.

If you are a pitcher looking to add velocity to your fastball or a baseball program interested in adding this patented and proprietary technology, you can contact Mark McClure at or call him at 214-417-1218. You can visit them at

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