PropFunds: The Real Estate Investing Alternative in the Crowdfunding Arena

LOS ANGELES - May 28, 2014 - PRLog -- Investors continue to view real estate investments as both lucrative and risk averse alternatives to the vagaries of an uncertain stock market. This preference is even more pronounced when real estate opportunities are headed by experienced real estate investors with proven track records. In a move certain to shake up the status quo, investment firm PropFunds LP is positioned as the experienced and time tested real estate crowdfunding leader for these discerning investors.

A team of seasoned, long term investment advisors, each with over 20 years of experience and a combined total of more than 150 years created PropFunds. The focus is purchasing, owning and operating commercial and residential real estate investment properties. With experience comes a wariness to the flash and fireworks of trends in the marketplace. Instead these serious experts in the field concern themselves more with the bottom line rather than popular buzzwords. Perhaps unsurprisingly given their careful navigation, the PropFunds advisory board has a history of generating above market returns while incurring below market risk for their investors.

James Aldrich is the founder and CEO. The investment committee has a diverse background in the real estate business with multiple areas of expertise. A PropFunds spokesperson describes today’s climate for investment as having the potential to generate safe, above market returns if executed with intimate knowledge of the product type and submarkets across the country. “With PropFunds LP, our clients get access to commercial real estate opportunities that otherwise would be cost prohibitive or only available to investors that have relationships in the real estate industry. Our platform allows the savvy consumer to reap the benefits of appreciating real estate values and streams of passive cash flow.

Emphasizing capital preservation rather than speculative gambles, PropFunds is attracting attention from investors who want to take advantage of this new investment vehicle. “We’re still in the industry’s early stages,” says CEO & founder Aldrich. “Accompanied by the enormous amount of experience our board members bring to the table, what we’re offering is unprecedented. This is really an opportunity for investors both large and small.”

PropFunds is poised to take advantage of properties ranging from $1 million to $10 million that otherwise would be ignored by larger institutional investors or “Wall Street” capital. With PropFunds, the goal is to generate higher returns than are currently feasible from a more traditional investment resource. “The 10 years treasury is currently generating a 2.5% yield and the Fed has shown that they have no appetite to increase interest rates to a more historic norm anytime soon,” the spokesperson notes. “Well placed, well underwritten real estate investments vetted by seasoned, proven real estate investors should outperform the market for the next 5-10 years...and we believe PropFunds has the right formula to do just that. More importantly, we propose to do this while incurring minimal risk to our and our investor’s capital,” he continues.

The company was organized in response to the SEC ruling on September 23, 2013 that lifted the ban on soliciting funds directly from accredited investors for investment projects. While multiple real estate crowdfunding platforms have suddenly appeared on the market, few have the real estate experience, high yielding investment record, and concern for asset preservation that the PropFunds staff presents to potential investors.PropFunds continues to grow. Offering an ever increasing selection of real estate opportunities, it’s a company many pundits are characterizing as the new leader in a potentially lucrative real estate investment category.



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