Powerful New Fiction Writing Package Available from Angela Booth

Professional writers can base their careers on fiction writing for the first time in decades. Angela Booth's comprehensive new package helps writers to profit from both novels and short stories.
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Storytellers’ Bonanza – Write Novels And Short Stories FAST
Storytellers’ Bonanza – Write Novels And Short Stories FAST
GORDON, Australia - May 21, 2014 - PRLog -- For writers, the big benefit of writing fiction is that they can be paid for their words for years to come. Professional writers are developing second careers as authors, writing novels and short stories, thanks to Amazon.

While Amazon may not save the publishing industry in its traditional form, it's saving authors. New writers are building careers in fiction. Established authors are retrieving their already-published novels' rights from publishers, and are self publishing. They're winning new readers on Amazon and other ebook retailers.

The key to fiction ebook sales is entertainment. When E.L. James published her Fifty Shades trilogy, and sold millions of books, she seduced readers from print to ebooks, because her ebooks are entertaining.

Today, hot-selling ebook authors make incomes formerly only enjoyed by brand-name authors like Stephen King.

"Storytellers’ Bonanza – Write Novels And Short Stories FAST" at http://www.fabfreelancewriting.com/blog/fiction-pays/comp... is a comprehensive fiction writing package which helps writers to write and sell both novels and short stories as ebooks.

The package includes two of Angela's most popular programs: "Fiction Frenzy: Write and Publish Kindle Fiction" and the "Fiction Fiesta: Write Short Kindle Fiction For Fun and Profit Workbook."

Angela Booth's Fab Freelance Writing Blog at http://www.fabfreelancewriting.com/blog/ which she started in 2006, is now providing information on writing fiction too -- writers demand it.

Angela said: "When I started my freelance writing blog eight years ago, its focus was on areas like blogging, writing for the Web, and copywriting. I scoffed at the idea that professional writers could make real money writing fiction. That only became possible when Amazon released the Kindle. Blockbuster ebook titles like James' Fifty Shades trilogy drew readers, and writers now have wonderful new opportunities open to them."

Her Just Write a Book Blog at http://www.justwriteabook.com/blog/ also provides tips on writing fiction.

Further information on "Storytellers’ Bonanza – Write Novels And Short Stories FAST" is available at  http://www.fabfreelancewriting.com/blog/fiction-pays/comp...

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Angela Booth is a copywriter, author and writing teacher. She offers many guides, courses and classes to help writers to enhance their skills at her online store at https://angelabooth.selz.com

Angela also provides daily writing tips, inspiration, and motivation for writers on her writing blogs.


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