Sugar - The Silent Killer Exposed

Sugar has no essential nutrients and it damages you. Most of the things we eat and drink today are laced with sugar.
Yacon - Natural form of sweetner
Yacon - Natural form of sweetner
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May 17, 2014 - PRLog -- Sugar is a major factor of increasing obesity in all the continents.

Sugar is available to to us in many forms, most common is the snow white….Powdered form (GMO) and syrups.

“Sugar Sugar who is the best of all..

Me me me….because I kill it all – Heart, Liver, teeth and you fall!!”

Scary…is’nt it?

“…Consumption of processed foods (which are laced with sugar) cost the American public more than $54 billion in dental bills each year"

1. Sugar has no essential nutrients and it damages teeth too.

Sugar has a lot of calories and no nutrients, it provides digestible energy which produces bad bacteria for mouth leading to teeth decay.


2. Too much of sugar is harmful for liver.

Before sugar enters our body, it breaks into glucose and fructose. Glucose can be produced by our body and to digest fructose liver needs to work.

It is ok to consume little bit of sugar however does of sugar is dangerous for us.
3. Insulin resistance can be caused by sugar.

Insulin is an important hormone in our body which helps in burning glucose. Having more than required glucose in our blood stream can be very toxic. It causes metabolic dysfunction. Insulin resistance can cause type II diabetes.

4. Sugar can also cause cancer too.

Having continues high level of sugar in the blood stream can lead to blood inflammation, which is a potential cause of cancer.

5. Sugar can make you fat leads to obesity in both children and adults.

Sugar has a quality of promoting fat in the body. The empty calories gives enery, however the excess gets deposited in the form of fat.

6. Last but not the least, excessive sugar can lead to heart diseases.

Saturated fats causes heart diseases, sugar adds to abdominal fat which leads to affecting your heart in a very short span of time.

Sugar is the #1 killer and we should avoid it, to have a healthy and safe life.
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