A Writer's Story, a Mother's Request, a Fictional Character

Meet beautiful little Pearle; though she can not walk, she can fly with ease
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A Fairy Match in the Mushroom Patch
A Fairy Match in the Mushroom Patch
ARLINGTON, Texas - May 18, 2014 - PRLog -- Phil Major, from The Community News (Aledo, TX), wrote an article about Amanda M. Thrasher's childhood love of words. Her book Mischief in the Mushroom Patch written specifically for her mother, fulfilled a promise, and that story became the book that changed her course from writer to author. Major's article also discussed a woman, Beverly Hutton, who made an unusual request of Thrasher in the hopes of honoring her daughter one more time. A writer's story, a mother's request, a fictional character. Meet beautiful little Pearle.

It started at a book signing. Thrasher signed copies of Mischief in the Mushroom Patch, at Barnes and Noble (Overton Ridge Blvd). A lady (Beverly Hutton) purchased one, but many purchased that day. Weeks later, via an email, the request came. "I have a request, suggestion, if I may. Could you consider adding a character with a disability? I love this book, and my daughter would have loved this book." Startled by the request, Thrasher responded carefully. Asking that she allow her a moment to think. Thrasher didn't know Beverly or her daughter, but thought that she could honor her request while being respectful to all involved, if she had a minute to think. (Permission granted to use name).

A Fairy Match in the Mushroom Patch already under way, Thrasher reworked and introduced a new character, a fairy, named Pearle. She sent a sample chapter for Hutton to review. It contained the introduction of the new character. Thrasher's note: "Meet beautiful little Pearle. If you approve, I will continue." Beverly's response, yes, stating, "I love her. Please do."

The book was launched at Barnes & Noble, and once again Beverly attended. Thrasher and Hutton met. Hutton brought beautiful photos of her daughter, Jeni, and shared her favorite memories. Purchasing over twenty hard cover books, Thrasher, had to ask why? Beverly smiled and replied, "I'll donate them to the Scottish Rite Hospital, Dallas. My daughter had 54 surgeries there before she passed." Everyone was stunned. Anne Dunigan, Barnes & Noble, coordinated donations of A Fairy Match in the Mushroom Patch, Mischief in the Mushroom Patch, and gift cards. Thrasher's Publisher donated books, and a local Build -A- Bear donated fairy-bears sitting in wheel chairs, along with dress-up goody bags. Thrasher, Dunigan, and Hutton spent all day visiting, making fairy wings, discussing the writing process, and donating the gifts. The kids loved it.

Fictional characters touch the hearts of others, and good things can happen. Because of this little character, Pearle, little writers were discovered at the neatest places: Scottish Rite Hospital, the Texas Lions Camp, Pythian Home, countless schools, Barnes and Noble fundraisers, book fairs, and the work continues. Words touch people. Characters inspire kids to write. Jeni is a part of Pearle. Pearle is a part of little girl an author never knew. A request. The third installment of the Mischief series is underway. A Spider Web Scramble in the Mushroom Patch Copyright 2014 Amanda M. Thrasher

Excerpt: A Fairy Match in the Mushroom Patch Copyright 2012 Amanda M. Thrasher

Pearle nodded and tapped her lap. "Of course," she giggled, "come on!"
Lilly jumped straight from the bed into little Pearle's lap. "Could you please take me to the bathing room? I have misplaced my slippers and my toes are freezing," Lilly said as she pointed to her tiny feet. Pearle's face lit up. There was nothing she loved more than giving the girls a ride on her lap. Pearle's Chariot, the fairlings called it. Although Pearle used it daily, there was no slowing her down; she was incredibly fast in the chair that the elders had designed specifically for her. Often going too fast, especially around corners when playing her favorite game, make a fairling green! Spinning as fast as she could around and around on her back two wheels, trying to make the fairies sick. She could almost always make Boris sick and sometimes even Jack. Lilly, often turned grey, though not quite green, and Ivy and Rosie, well they were pros just like Pearle.
"To the bathing room," Pearle said playfully.
"To the bathing room!" All the little fairies giggled as Madame Louise looked on.
Lilly was in Pearle's lap; Ivy was running behind, and Rosie was perched on the arm of the chair. This does not look very safe at all, thought Madame Louise, though she never said a word. She simply listened for a moment to the beautiful sound of fairy giggles that had suddenly filled the dorm, but when Pearle's chair tipped onto one wheel, Madame Louise, could hold her tongue no longer.
"Pearle, do be careful," she said with a smile. "Slow down dear, please. I still can't believe there's so much swivel on those wheels!" She smiled as Pearle maneuvered the chair with ease, a skill she had acquired over time without complaint. Madame Louise remembered the day Monsieur Parley, with Monsieur Pierre at his side, introduced the new chariot to Pearle. She had been so pleased that her smile radiated throughout the room. In fact, thought Madame Louise, I do believe it was Lilly, even then, who dove into Pearle's lap for the very first ride. She watched as they exited the dorm and entered the bathing room, and she listened to the little fairies as they helped each other.
"On the count of three; one, two, three" The group of fairlings giggled as they lifted Pearle out of her chair and placed her aside the bathing tub, and that was that. The fairlings went about their business: washing their faces, cleaning their teeth, brushing their hair, and straightening their wings. As soon as Pearle laid down her brush and straightened her wings, she was whisked up by whoever was closest and placed safely back in her chariot . . . Pearle's chariot, and the day proceeded as normal. - The third installment of the Mischief series is underway.

Limited Edition Copies: Mischief in the Mushroom Patch and A Fairy Match in the Mushroom Patch are available at the following store locations: Barnes and Noble Booksellers, Hulen Center, Overton Ridge Blvd. Ft. Worth, TX. 76132 and The Parks at Arlington Mall, Barnes and Noble, 3881 S. Cooper ST. #2027, Arlington, TX 76015. Can't find them, just ask.

About the author: Grew up in England, moved to the States as a teen and resides in TX. After leaving the corporate world, creative writing, a passion since childhood became a full time career. Her mother's love of fairies inspired her to write Mischief in the Mushroom Patch; it was the title that changed her course from a writer to author. Her previous Publisher published three of her titles. Deciding to pull her titles, she Co-Founded and Co-Owns Progressive Rising Phoenix Press. A company founded by authors, for authors. She continues to write, works closely with local Barnes & Nobles raising funds for community organizations, libraries, and schools. Barnes and Noble, Inc. Small Press Department, NY, purchased four of her titles. Amanda conducts writing workshops, speaks at conferences and schools on a regular basis, contributes to an online magazine, and assists other authors with their work. Titles: The Greenlee Project, The Ghost of Whispering Willow, Mischief in the Mushroom Patch, A Fairy Match in the Mushroom Patch, There's a Gator Under My, Bed, Sadie's Fairy Tea Party. Other Publications: What If .... A Story of Shattered Lives. Details on author's site.

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