ArtworkServicesUSA launches iclic Power, The Next-Gen Custom Catalog Creator Solution

ArtworkServicesUSA launches iclic Power, The Next-Gen Custom Catalog Creator Solution for Suppliers in the Promotional Products Industry
BALTIMORE - May 14, 2014 - PRLog -- ArtworkServicesUSA– a pioneer in providing outsourced services and technology solutions for the promotional industry in the US, has recently introduced iclic Power, a revolutionary digital catalog creator solution. iclic Power gives Suppliers the power to conduct personalized E-Commerce at a scale, speed and cost that is ground-breaking.

For more than a decade, ArtworkServicesUSA has been the total solutions provider to promotional products industry and has been delivering technology-driven end-to-end business solutions to promotional suppliers and distributors- including Art and Order Management, Design and Data Services and Digital Marketing. With iclic Power, ArtworkServicesUSA brings to the table a product that has the capability to transform the marketing capabilities of Suppliers while helping them to boost their revenues.

iclic Power empowers marketing teams to create digital interactive catalogs with personalized products and pricing and broadcast them to thousands of prospects within minutes, at less than 2 cents per catalog.

Customers can browse through iclic Power catalogs on any device, and make purchases right off the catalogs instantly. They can also request quotes or samples of the products they are interested in. Marketing teams will get real-time reports on each catalog opened and products browsed. This means results and feedback within minutes of emailing catalogs.

Companies that adopt iclic Power will reduce sales cycle times as well as save significantly on print, marketing and mail out costs. iclic Power’sadvanced Control Panel is easy to use and needs no special skills.

iclic Power gives marketing teams the ability to reach out to different demographic target groups, defined by age, gender or product preference with differentiated catalogs. Different catalogs can be created for each demographic group – for example, working women or teen males – with unique products to meet each market segment's specific needs. Likewise, seasonal catalogs featuring seasonal collections can be created and broadcasted at will.

iclic Power provides valuable analytical insights on how each catalog is performing after being sent out. How many times were the catalogs opened? Which products generated interest? Which products were added to the wish list? Which products were finally ordered? iclic Poweralso provides real-time data on customer behavior – from most frequent to the least frequent buyers. And finally, the user can track how the catalogs are performing across different media channels.

iclic Power has been designed in such a way that it can be managed by almost anybody. It’s simple to use and efficient, allowing any designated team member to create and broadcast catalogs online.

Compatibility-wise, the digital catalogs created by iclic Power provide a uniform experience across several devices such as desktops, mobiles and tablets.

Mr. Varshal Thakore, President, Artwork Services USA, has a clear vision foriclic Power’srole in the industry. He said, “Marketers need the ability to present very personalized, relevant offerings based on real insight. The message needs to appeal wherever the customer is, in a form that is appropriate to the medium that the customer wants to engage on. Customers want to take actions and not just consume content. iclic Power is the tool for today’s marketer to offer pervasive, personalized content across media and convert it to real commerce. “

Those seeking a preview of iclic Power’s functionality will be provided a custom demo on request.

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