Workplace Bullying Calculator Now Available

Online calculator allows companies to estimate cost of workplace bullying
How much is this costing your company?
How much is this costing your company?
MINNEAPOLIS - May 7, 2014 - PRLog -- Workplace bullying is costly to companies worldwide, but how much is it costing? Executive Confidante, a consulting firm specializing in coaching abrasive leaders and managers has developed an online calculator that allows companies to estimate just how much this problem might be costing them.

“There are so many hidden costs to workplace bullying,” says Kalli Matsuhashi, owner of Executive Confidante. “It’s very difficult to calculate the cost of lowered productivity or the impact of ongoing stress experienced by targeted employees as they try to cope with an abrasive manager. We can, however, make good estimates of the cost of turnover and absenteeism based on solid research done by a variety of sources.”

The calculator allows the user to estimate the cost of turnover, absenteeism, and “collateral costs” – the time required for the manager, HR, and the employee to resolve a workplace dispute. Each calculation utilizes assumptions based on the research highlighted in Executive Confidante’s recent study, Bullying Bosses: A Full Cost Accounting.

Turnover Costs: To calculate turnover costs, the user simply inputs the number of employees in their organization and the average annual cost of salaries for non-managerial, managerial, and executive level employees. The calculator provides the assumptions (which can be adjusted lower or higher by the user) and calculates the annual cost of turnover.

Absenteesism: Using figures provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the calculator estimates the total annual cost of absenteeism for those employees at each level of the organization who are experiencing anxiety, stress, or related issues because of workplace bullying.

Collateral Costs: The calculator first estimates the cost of a single case of workplace bullying based on the time required for the abrasive manager, an HR manager, and the target to work through the situation. This number is then used to estimate the cost across the organization.

The calculator provides a total of these three costs, as well as the cost as a percentage of total annual revenue. Find the Workplace Bullying Calculator at

Download a copy of the report Bullying Bosses: A Full Cost Accounting by visiting The report presents research from a variety of academic, government, and public resources to provide managers and administrators with the data they need to fully grasp the wide range of costs attributable to workplace bullying.

Kalli Matsuhashi, Executive Confidante


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