Original movie Prop from rare 1980's cult Film surfaces at Online Auction

'skullcrab' Prop as it appeared during 1983 filming of Saga of a Crew
'skullcrab' Prop as it appeared during 1983 filming of Saga of a Crew
LEBANON, Maine - May 6, 2014 - PRLog -- 'Saga of a Crew' the 1984 Science Fiction cult feature is remembered for it's financially challenged aspects, as are numerous other 'B' Movies. Shot on the 'Super-Eight' Film format long before the great explosion of mass creativity fueled by advances in camera technology and the Internet, 'Saga of a Crew' was an exercise in creative frugality.

Now a supreme example of budget restained creativity has appeared up for auction. You can see the listing here:

The 'Skullcrab' as it was named was a nasty creature indigineous to the alien planet visited by the 'Crew' of the aforementioned Film. Constructed using an actual canine skull, the special effects puppet was created by first adding a layer of modeling clay. Then the anatomy of the 'Skullcrab' aka 'Anklebiter' (no relation to the Facehugging creature of the 'Alien' Films) was completed with legs fasioned from wooden broomhandle, claws modeled out of childrens modeling clay, a rear cranium from an egg shaped pantyhose container, and two eyes derived from plastic balls from roll on deodorant!

So now, this rare one of a kind piece of Science Fiction Cult Film history is available for the public to bid on. Dog lovers will appreciate knowing that no animal was harmed in the making of this Film as the canine skull used for the prop was provided by the Producer's Father. The skull was discovered in the woods during a hunting trip. As collectible movie memorabila goes it does not get any rarer or stranger than this!

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