Avant Garde Ideals Reviews the Dream of Becoming Self-Employed

Through the new electronic media many companies are outsourcing a lot of jobs to independent entrepreneurs. Jobs can be done at the computer at home and the work sent in by email.
Employee Vs. Entrepreneur
Employee Vs. Entrepreneur
SOUTHAMPTON, England - May 5, 2014 - PRLog -- Avant Garde Ideals encourages millennials to become self-employed and take control over their life and careers.

Sales calls and customer service are done huge call centers with employees working around the clock seven days a week. The chances that today’s college graduates get jobs in the same company until pension age are getting more and more unlikely. Therefore to choose being an independent entrepreneur makes more sense than ever.

But there is a caveat: Whoever is planning to become independent should bring some experience gained in a few years working a job where he can check and test-drive what he wants to do later and he is able to make some mistakes under guidance of experienced managers which do not cost his own money.

To search such a job should be first guided by the idea of he what would like to do. Maybe he has already achieved a college or university degree and wants to use this now in building his business life on. It is also very important that he chooses an industry where he feels comfortable in or even better has a passion for.

Let us assume he has found a job, being a sales man, a product manager or a the assistant of a production manager: If he is interested become self-employed this is a learning period in his life as minimum as important as his college or university education. This turns the learned theories in to hands on work.

He should keep his eyes and ears open to learn what he could do better, discuss his findings with his superiors and see how receptive they are. If he is lucky he finds open minded bosses and they will discuss and implement some of his ideas, but he can also learn from stubborn one as he can watch how good ideas go down the tube and turn the results bad. As said above learning practice without paying for.

In an employed job he will be able to see how feedback is coming in from the market he is in and a picture will form in him how he can make a better accepted product or how in a sales or product managers’ function he will learn that better market approach or sales techniques will be able to build up a own company.

The most new companies are founded as splitting off from the former employer. There is nothing wrong with it as long as ethical standards are maintained.

The key. Finding the right strategy.

No matter how intelligent he is, no matter what and how much he knows and no matter how much money he has. No matter where he lives, the success is only dependent from the Strategy, the way how one employs his strengths and talents.

If the strategy will not be aligned into the right direction the efforts will be year after year diluted, he will become insecure and his success will fade away. The proven Strategy is the teaching of the effective use of all kind of energies. The rules are system independent in the biological, social and economic competition. No matter if one want to increase the success of his company or his carrier he needs to bundle his strengths and targets them to the most effective point.

Successful entrepreneurs and managers have always applied a strategy of some kind. This strategy developed has shown unrivaled top performance with many companies. Becoming an entrepreneur it is most important is have the right strategy. Even on the risk being repetitive this must be stressed over and over again. First must come the strategy, all the rest will set in automatically. A business plan which is more a financial matter will form according the right strategy. Doing a business plan without a strategy is a useless and dangerous effort. A strategy is like having reached a crossroad and each of the three different ways is comparable to a different strategy. But only one of the three ways is the right strategy where the business plan can be built on.

If the decision is made for the wrong strategy the new entrepreneur will deviate more and more in the wrong direction and the risk is extreme that he will fail as all his following activities like choosing the right product or business and composing the business plan will be erroneous.

Here are the four principles where the strategy is built on:

1.     Concentration instead of dissipation

-One needs to concentrate and keeps his forces focused, instead of broadly dissipating he will master resistances easier.
-Only Specialization leads finally to top performances: The most important prerequisite for a successful strategy: The Concentration of all the forces and specialization on what the entrepreneur and his company can do best.
-The one who specializes experiences a faster learning curve, simply as he learns faster through repetition and feedback from his clients and from the market.

2.     It is necessary to find the cybernetically most effective point
-No linear thinking, thinking in networks is required. Any change in the new company has a sequence of other changes. There will be an inevitable chain of reactions from every activity.
-If these actions are not carefully planned it might turn into the opposite of the intended effect and work against the original intention and business purpose.
-The concentration encourages to find the most effective point to start a chain reaction of positive changes.

3.     The Minimum or Bottleneck factor
-The German chemist Justus von Liebig (1803-1873) observed that the growth of plants is defined by their minimal factor. A plant might have available all the soil and minerals but it is still not growing anymore just because there is no more nitrogen present, it all has been used at the beginning of its growth. The lack of Nitrogen is the bottleneck factor in the growth of the plant.
-So after only a small amount of nitrogen is added, the plants will start blooming and growing again. The problem of the bottleneck factor has been overcome. Adding other minerals only would have added to cost and being eventually even harmful to the plant.
-This law of Nature is introduced into economic teachings and there are defined two bottleneck factors:
The internal minimal factor which is the problem inhibiting the growth of the own company. Only by concentrating all the power to turn this problem into an advantage will make a company prosper. Please recognize: The internal bottleneck factor at a first glance can be a disadvantage. It is the right approach not to concentrate in removing this disadvantage but turning it to an advantage for the company.
The external minimal factor is the key to success. It limits the development of the target group. The company who is able to solve the most ardent problem of its client or target group will be looked for, accepted and honored.

4.     Orientation on the benefits not on the profits
-For companies which take permanent efforts to increase the benefits for its target group automatically will at the end become profitable.
-On a long term only these companies will survive who put benefit orientation over profit orientation.

It is an audacious answer on the initial question asked: Yes it is possible for everybody who has a desire to be self employed. As long as he decides for the right strategy.

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